Browns have crushed one Baker Mayfield mess

Odell Beckham Jr

Odell Beckham Jr. The Canadian Press

Mayfield hasn't forgotten what happened between him and Kingsbury.

National Football League cornerback, Orlando Scandrick, sat down on The Herd with Colin Cowherd to talk in-depth about several major stories surrounding the NFL.

"That's 6 years ago", Mayfield said.

For a long time, Mayfield carried a grudge against Kingsbury. "I look forward to playing against him on Sunday". "You live and you learn, and I'm just glad we're in a good place now".

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Both played some as freshmen (Mayfield more than Murray), both grew disenchanted and both transferred to OU, Mayfield in hopes of beating out Trevor Knight and Murray in hopes of taking over after Mayfield's departure.

Mayfield, No. 2 on the Oklahoma career passing list, threw for 4.627 yards, 43 touchdowns and completed 70.9 percent of his passes in the 2017 season, setting an NCAA-record quarterback rating of 198.9.

Mayfield told ESPN in 2014 that he was "clueless as to why I wasn't playing" when Texas Tech began losing once he was healthy, and that there was a lot of uncertainty on a week-to-week basis about where he stood with Kingsbury. Both also feel their relationship is now OK.

Kingsbury said the two are very similar. "That's strictly a week-to-week thing, so it may be different this week than it was last week". You can also get this game on Hulu Live (free trial) or Sling TV, if you prefer those platforms and their pricing plans. He walks around with a bag of chips on his shoulder. Although the coach, 40, has bristled in the past at the idea that he is underqualified or in over his head, touting his experience of calling plays at the collegiate level, he made a point of recognizing the importance of getting his quarterback in the most ideal position possible. "So I don't really know why he would change". "He's an interception machine and doesn't do anything but rub people the wrong way".

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Over the past few years, Kingsbury and Mayfield were able to work through some of their differences with conversations at numerous events. "They've come together. They run toward each other rather than away from each other in times of adversity". And with malcontent OBJ looking for trades, I don't think that's something needed around the hallways of the Browns' team headquarters. "I would never do some of the stuff that he's done".

"I think that's where the frustration comes from", Mayfield said, "and we can sense that". "No, but I always got to sit back and watch".

The team hasn't won that many games in consecutive years since 2001-02. "I've talked to Baker about it this morning".

After the game, Mayfield called out the Browns' training staff, suggesting that if Beckham had undergone surgery before the season, he and the team might have been in better shape.

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