Hasbro reveals new Baby Yoda products up for preorder

Baby Yoda has a feline lookalike

Baby Yoda has a feline lookalike. More

The official item description confirms that it is, in fact, the Baby Yoda that appears in The Mandalorian, reading, "The statue is a lovable replica inspired by Disney+ live-action series The Mandalorian".

Here are pictures of all of them for you drool over. It's a Baby Yoda...

As the adult Yoda himself would say, "Control, control, you must learn control!"

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We'll take Baby Yoda making an appearance on our feeds over that darn viral egg any day.

But you can add to their Star Wars bounty with some additional gift ideas sure to warm their heart - even if they have a lifelong commitment to the Darkside.

And there's also hand-crafted products available on Etsy, such as a hand-knitted Baby Yoda, although it had sold out as of Friday afternoon. You'll totally be melting.

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Hasbro, the toymaker, announced that Baby Yoda toys and collectible figures are finally available for purchase, and they're starting at $9.99. For instance, the figures have captured him sipping soup and, best of all, sweetly wrapped in a blanket.

This 11-inch plush toy for ages three and up is the ideal lovable creature to add to your child's doll collection.

OK, the young breakout star of the Disney+ series "The Mandalorian" is billed as "The Child" by Hasbro, but "Star Wars" fans know the little guy by his Yoda nickname.

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From there, the internet has gone insane with Baby Yoda fan art. With movable fingers and toes, and a great big green Lightsaber, this gift is as authentic as it gets.

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