Trump congratulates UK’s Boris Johnson on ‘great’ election victory

Trump congratulates UK’s Boris Johnson on ‘great’ election victory

Trump congratulates UK’s Boris Johnson on ‘great’ election victory

The pound surged on Thursday after exit polls showed a conservative majority in the 2019 United Kingdom election, paving the way for a clear Brexit path.

Jeremy Corbyn has hinted that he will step down as Labour leader "in the early part of next year".

A female Labour supporter in her 20s said, "The result is so much worse than had dared think it would be". Corbyn's Labour Party slumped to 203 seats, 59 fewer than it won two years ago, vote totals showed Friday. Labour won the seat by 4,774 votes on Thursday, overturning a Conservative majority of 1,554. Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson stepped down after losing in her own Scottish constituency.

This is Labour's fourth successive electoral defeat - and the second under Corbyn.

He said: "Obviously it is a very disappointing night for the party". It will allow the finally achieve Brexit, which the British deep state has been stalling for years against voters' wishes.

Mr Corbyn added: "This election was ultimately taken over by Brexit and we as a party represent people who voted both Remain and Leave".

"At this stage it does look as though this one-nation Conservative government has been given a powerful new mandate, to get Brexit done and not just to get Brexit done but to unite this country and to take it forward", Johnson said after winning his seat of Uxbridge.

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Labour's support collapsed on Thursday, with the Tories taking many former strongholds in northern England and Wales that voted to leave.

The opposition Labour Party, which had campaigned for a second Brexit referendum, suffered its worst defeat since the 1930s. "We thought other issues could cut through and there would be a wider debate, from this evidence there clearly wasn't".

But the European Union chiefs, meeting in Brussels, also expressed relief that British voters had sent a clear message, bringing to an end the first phase of a crisis that has dogged Europe for more than three years.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Britain would be an economic "competitor at our door" after Brexit.

After five weeks of campaigning, Johnson was declared victor of the United Kingdom election Thursday when the BBC's exit poll results were broadcast at 10 p.m. Many Investors hope a Conservative win would speed up the Brexit process and ease, at least in the short term, some of the uncertainty that has corroded business confidence since the 2016 vote.

The anti-Brexit majority in Northern Ireland's six counties will be obliged to sort out a complicated regime of customs checks with the 26-county Irish republic, an European Union member state, as well as with the British mainland across the Irish Sea.

When Britain voted to leave the European Union in June 2016, there were fears that it could lead to other departures.

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Condemning more than three years of political wrangling over Brexit, Johnson vowed in his victory speech on Friday to "put an end to all that nonsense" and "get Brexit done on time by January 31, no ifs, no buts".

Eurosceptic leader Nigel Farage also claimed to have boosted the prime minister's chances by declining to stand candidates for his Brexit Party in Tory-held seats. Labour will get 191, the Liberal Democrats 13 and the Brexit Party none.

"And I will lead the party during that period to ensure that discussion takes place and we move on into the future". "They won't be any easier than those over the withdrawal agreement", Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said. "Ultimately, those achieve the same goals, but they speak more directly to what voters feel are their immediate concerns", the observer explained.

Labour now faces a civil war between the socialists who control it and moderates who will demand power.

Yet, his energy and determination proved persuasive to many voters.

The Conservatives had been ahead in opinion polls for weeks but the scale of their victory, after a wet and windy pre-Christmas election, was unexpected.

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