Thunberg tells governments: 'You are misleading' on climate

Pacific countries are hoping to pressure industrialised nations into taking bold steps to try and address the climate crisis

Pacific countries are hoping to pressure industrialised nations into taking bold steps to try and address the climate crisis

"There are common denominators in the Climate Change issue that every countries across the globe must do something about, and Nigeria is not an exemption".

The high-level segment of the United Nations (UN) Climate Change Conference (COP25) kicked off here on Tuesday with an urgent call that the worldwide community is running out of time to address the climate crisis effectively.

Speaking at the conference venue for the United Nations climate summit as the meeting entered its second and decisive week, Thunberg said she and her fellow Fridays for Future campaigner Luisa Neubauer of Germany were "privileged" and their stories 'have been told many times over'. "A European strategy to deliver net zero emissions by 2050 is essential to signal the direction and speed of travel that is necessary to achieve the 1.5-degree ambition set out in the Paris Agreement".

Scientists say countries need to stop burning fossil fuels by 2050 at the latest to ensure global temperatures don't rise more than 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 Fahrenheit) this century.

Addressing the heads of delegations, activists and non-governmental organizations at the climate talks, Rockstrom said under the current scenario, the planet is heading to warming by 3-4 C in only 80 years.

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Despite growing awareness of climate change and warnings from scientists that drastic action needs to be taken to avert extreme temperature increases by the end of the century, only a handful of countries will be represented at the United Nations climate summit this year by their prime ministers or presidents, worrying some observers.

"And I hope as many countries as possible will step up this year at COP25", he said.

"After noticing a hundredfold increase in its usage, lexicographers at Collins Dictionary named Thunberg's pioneering idea, climate strike, the word of the year", Time added.

Greta, who sailed across the Atlantic to attend the talks in Chile, before having to sail back again because they were moved to Spain due to civil unrest in the South American country, has made a series of hard-hitting speeches at global events in the past year. It is the people who are the hope.

Developing countries should not carry the burden of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that lead to global warming, when developed countries have contributed the largest amounts.

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And Greta also told TIME: "We can't just continue living as if there was no tomorrow, because there is a tomorrow".

We are here right now today because the COP25 is going on right now.

Manager of the UN Climate Change Global Climate Action Programme Niclas Svenningsen said in an Infosys statement, "Infosys' journey to carbon neutrality is truly inspiring".

Kerry, who served as the top USA diplomat under President Barack Obama and was a leading player in brokering the Paris Agreement in 2015, said the G20 nations are lagging behind on emission reduction plans and financial pledges to poor countries instead of setting a high bar for global climate action. We will not let them get away with it anymore.

"Other medium-sized economies are particularly cautious as they are making decisions that aren't compatible with (preventing) climate change", she said.

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