Gmail update lets users send emails as attachments

Gmail will let you attach emails to emails

Gmail update lets users send emails as attachments

The new functionality in Gmail lets you write an explanation introducing the subject and attach a bunch of emails that recipients can open in their email client.

That all changes, today. So simple and yet so needed.

There's one slightly unfortunate bit of news, though: Google has gone for a gradual release, so the feature won't be immediately available to all users. "We've heard from you that there are situations where attaching emails makes more sense than forwarding separate emails, like wanting to forward multiple messages related to a single topic".

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This new feature can prove to be very useful as it will cut down on forwarding emails to the same person or persons whenever there is any information that needs to be communicated between a team or even otherwise.

You can also select the emails you want to forward, click on the overflow menu and then choose "Forward as attachment" if you'd rather start with that before typing your message up.

Recipients will be able to open the attached emails in their own mail client (assuming it supports.eml files, which they all do) so users don't have to worry about whether there will be compatibility issues with non-gmail users. Then the emails can be forwarded to recipients in the "To", "Cc", or "Bcc" fields.

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Alternatively, Gmail users can send an email as an attachment by right-clicking on a message and dragging and dropping the file into the body of a message. They will be converted to EML format and attached automatically.

Along with fresh draft messages, the email attachment capability works while replying in an existing thread too.

Starting on December 9, Google began rolling out a new way to attach email messages, which is more streamlined and takes the hassle out of attaching multiple messages.

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