Elizabeth Warren list of corporate clients includes Rabobank

Elizabeth Warren wearing a blue shirt Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren speaks during an interview with The Associated Press on Sunday Dec. 8 in Charleston S.C

Consulting firm allows Buttigieg to release names of clients

USA presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren has released details of her past legal income, showing she earned $1.9m (£1.4m) in work for corporate and other private clients dating back to 1985. The list is here.

As Warren's surge against Vice President Joe Biden in some national polls has stalled in recent weeks, Buttigieg has risen to take the lead in Iowa polls over Biden, Warren and Vermont Sen. She doesn't hold fundraisers and relies mostly on grassroots contributions. "She is one of the only candidates who has pledged to end the practice of appointing campaign donors as US ambassadors over pro diplomats".

The South Bend, Indiana mayor however, has increased his support by six points, disproving the critics who predicted his sexuality meant he would struggle to make inroads in strongly conservative states. Warren had hit Mr. Buttigieg for his closed-door fundraisers, suggesting Buttigieg could be making secret promises to top donors. Something Warren says she will not do.

The Massachusetts senator had already shown 11 years of tax returns. "This is not about what happened 15 years ago or 20 years ago".

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She said she is anxious about conflicts being created "every single day when candidates for president sell access to the highest bidder". He has portrayed her as someone who might be too extreme to win against President Donald Trump next year. "It is three years more than Barack Obama did at the same time", she said.

Warren also said Buttigieg's work at McKinsey could reveal conflicts of interest.

"Releasing tax returns is a standard practice- she should match @PeteButtigieg's transparency and release her tax returns going back through her years as corporate lawyer", Smith said.

Warren told the Globe in 2012 she was focused in her legal work on ensuring that companies going through bankruptcy could set up trusts to pay out victims.

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The disclosure comes as she faces fire from South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg, whose aides have fended off calls to open up his closed-door fund-raisers to the press and reveal more details about his work at the consulting firm McKinsey by pointing out that some of Warren's past legal compensation remained a mystery.

Some of her many clients included Dutch financial institution Rabobank, which became a creditor in the Enron bankruptcy, former directors of Getty Oil who were involved in Texaco's bankruptcy, and women whose allegations of health issues were jeopardized when former silicone breast implant maker Dow Corning filed for bankruptcy in 1995.

"The mayor should be releasing who's on his finance committee, who are the bundlers who are raising big money for him, who he's given a title to and made promises to", Warren said. On Sunday, she disclosed more information, showing almost $2 million in compensation from dozens of clients over the decades. "Elizabeth succeeded, and the company continued to employ people across its many stores".

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