Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation Gin Provides Follow-Up Commercial To The Peloton Bike

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Last night Ryan Reynolds tweeted the latest advert for his Aviation Gin company - and you might recognise the actress.

"This is next level.", Chris Pratt said while a fan commented, "Is that the chick from the Peloton commercial? hahahaha". The woman appears unsure and slightly scared throughout the majority of the ad where she documents her fitness routine.

Ruiz's raises her glass and toasts with her girls. She then proceeds to down the entire drink.

Aviation American Gin said: 'This Holiday.

The original ad, which Peloton says was meant to be inspirational and was misinterpreted, remains on the company's YouTube and Twitter accounts.

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She then gave him the videos the following year, to show how much she had grown as a person because of the gift. The 30-second ad sparked a storm on Twitter, with several users pegging it as sexist.

But Sean Hunter, a Canadian actor and gym teacher, says he's glad he filmed the commercial and that his friends and students know his true character. Call it a shared ad universe. In Victor's more overt roast, the story ends in the wife handing her husband divorce papers.

The Peloton wife is played by actress Monica Ruiz, with the husband role being played by Sean Hunter.

"You're safe here", the other friend chimes in.

'.I had no idea it would turn into this.

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'I couldn't mediate what I was once seeing, ' he says. Although I'm an actress, I am not quite comfortable being in spotlight and I'm awful on social media. We had such good chemistry on set.

He also says he is anxious that the viral backlash will damage his fledgling acting career as well as his status as a elementary school teacher.

In an email statement, Hunter described the experience of working with the cast and crew of the commercial as "extremely positive", and said his acting coach gave him great feedback after watching it the first time. It's become quite something'.

Following the ad's release, the workout brand experienced a seemingly correlated nine percent drop in their market value on Tuesday - their largest single-day drop since October, Markets Insider reported.

Forward of the controversy erupted on Monday, shares of Peloton had been selling at simply below $37.

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