European Union powers' letter to United Nations on missiles shows 'miserable incompetence': Iran

USS Forrest Sherman, the Navy warship that seized the missile parts said to be from Iran en route to Yemen

USS Forrest Sherman, the Navy warship that seized the missile parts said to be from Iran en route to Yemen

Iran has used the continuing chaos in Iraq to build up a hidden arsenal of short-range ballistic missiles in Iraq, part of a widening effort to try to intimidate the Middle East and assert its power, according to USA intelligence and military officials.

Last week, the IAEA said it was waiting for information from Iran on the discovery of uranium particles at the Turquzabad facility near Tehran, which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described to the United Nations in 2018 as a "secret atomic warehouse". The information is being gathered by military and intelligence agencies. The officials did not say where the crew of the small boat was from. In May, last year, Washington withdrew from the deal and has since then imposed several sanctions on Tehran. It was not clear what specifically Iran was looking to do with the movements, they added.

Talking at a protection convention in Manama, Bahrain on November 23, Normal Kenneth McKenzie, commander of US Central Command, stated the US doesn't have all of the assets it must cowl the Center East area. "It is not going to be productive for them in the long term to choose to act out in the military domain". "I think we're going to be dynamic in our deployments, in our response and how we message".

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The paper stated President Donald Trump might decide on the troop increase as early as this month. In a statement on Wednesday, the Pentagon confirmed that on November 25, a USA warship found "advanced missile components" on a stateless vessel and an initial investigation indicated the parts were of Iranian origin.

USA officials said, under anonymity, that the USS Forrest Sherman destroyer had arrested a small boat and had taken U.S. personnel aboard the ship where the missile parts had been found.

Tehran has given no official death toll, but it dismissed the high death tolls as "utter lies" and confirmed only five dead - four security force personnel killed by "rioters" and one civilian.

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The US and its Middle East allies have maintained that Iran has been sending weapons and weapon parts to the Houthi rebels in Yemen.

Sean Robertson, a Pentagon spokesman, said a US warship inspection discovered a cache of weapons and advanced missile components. An initial investigation indicates that these advanced missile components are of Iranian origin. Due to the lack of information and an internet blackout during the largest protests, it is hard to know how many people were killed, though the United States said on Thursday that it believes at least 1,000 people lost their lives.

Aiming clearly at Yemen, Ravanchi dismissed the reference to missile capabilities of regional countries as "irrelevant and yet politically motivated, " and said space launch vehicles "do not even fall into the category of ballistic missiles".

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