REPLAY: Police pursuit of hijacked UPS truck ends in shooting

A row of vehicles and a UPS truck are seen behind police tape after a shooting on Dec 5 2019

2 civilians die as police & robbers exchange gunfire on BUSY INTERSECTION after high-speed chase in Florida (VIDEOS)

No names of the deceased were immediately released. The robbers apparently shot at cops during the chase.

Police opened fire while pursuing suspects who hijacked a UPS truck after trying to rob a jewelry store in Coral Gables, Florida.

"For this to happen, I think, it was just unnecessary", Ordonez's stepfather, Joe Merino, told NBC News. He asked people to share the fundraising page to "make people aware of trigger happy police officers". "There are multiple other crime scenes, the jewelry store, the location where the carjacking-kidnapping occurred".

He said the "police were insane". "When bad guys are shooting at you, how do you negotiate?" At least two suspects left the store, Hudak said, and the UPS truck driver was then taken hostage and the truck raced away.

A female employee of Regent Jewelers in nearby Coral Gables was injured, that city's police force said.

It is understood the two suspects were killed along with a truck driver and another victim who was in a nearby vehicle when the shooting began.

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"A bullet actually went through the window of the city clerk's office", Lago said.

The UPS truck then fled over at least 25 miles, through city streets and along an interstate.

The intense episode was broadcast live on TV, filmed by news helicopters.

Footage of the chase reveals several police cars in pursuit of the truck.

Hours after the chase ended, medical gauze, wrappers and other debris remained strewn across the Miramar roadway's middle lane, next to the truck which still had its right rear door open.

One person was taken on a stretcher into an ambulance, according to CNN.

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A shootout ensued when the delivery truck was caught in traffic around 5.30pm (10:30 GMT) in Miramar, about 40 km away.

Traffic - including a light-colored SUV and, behind it, a dark-colored SUV - was stopped, and the UPS truck suddenly was boxed in. Time will tell the exact sequence of events that led to the exchange of bullets, but it's reasonable to say the confrontation could have easily ended in more casualties.

4 people are dead following a UPS truck hijacking, hostage situation, and police chase in Miami, Florida. They used cars - their own and those that had been at the intersection - as shields so they could land in better position. The father of two had only recently begun driving the route he was on Thursday, his family said.

It was unclear if the shots were fired from inside the truck, from police who were moving in or a combination of both. The truck's windshield bore marks from numerous bullets. There is no word on any officers being injured.

Officers responded to the scene within a minute and a half of a silent alarm in the store being triggered, but did not exchange fire with the suspects there. Area police and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are assisting.

"This is what risky people do to get away", Hudak, the Coral Gables chief, said. "And this is what people will do to avoid capture".

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