Iran unrest kills at least 208

The Iranian security forces have deliberately shot dead large numbers of unarmed protesters

The Iranian security forces have deliberately shot dead large numbers of unarmed protesters

"The number of people believed to have been killed during demonstrations in Iran that broke out on 15 November has risen to at least 208, based on credible reports received by the organization", said the London-based rights group, adding that the actual death toll was probably higher. One Iranian lawmaker said he thought that over 7,000 people had been arrested. After a monthly 60-liter quota, it costs 30,000 rials a litre.

She said security personnel had also been visiting hospitals, looking for patients with gunshot wounds or other injuries from the unrest and immediately detained those with suspicious wounds.

State television on Tuesday reported that "rioters" had been shot dead in several areas as they joined anti-government protests, including in Tehran, the capital, and Mahshahr in the country's southwest.

Tensions have heightened between Tehran and Washington since past year when President Donald Trump pulled out the US from Tehran's 2015 nuclear deal with six powers and reimposed sanctions on the country that have crippled its economy. An average gallon of regular gas in the US costs $2.58 by comparison, according to AAA.

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The country's demands came the same day Undersecretary of Defense for Policy John Rood told reporters that the Iranian military now poses a threat to the response to sanctions, according to The Hill.

Cheap gasoline is practically considered a birthright in Iran, home to the world's fourth-largest crude oil reserves despite decades of economic woes since its 1979 Islamic Revolution. That disparity, especially given Iran's oil wealth, fueled the anger felt by demonstrators.

Tehran wants to sue the United States for $130bln for civil unrest in the country, according to Iranian judicial spokesman Golyamkhosein Esmaily. The protests largely have subsided, and no group has offered estimates that high.

"A question was asked just a little while ago about supporting the people in Iran and are going through a very tough period and we do support them totally and have supported them from the beginning".

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"I think it's a bad thing and I think the world has to be watching", Trump said.

Later, during a meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Trump said he misunderstood an earlier question when he said he did not support the Iranian protesters.

Sitting beside French President Emmanuel Macron later, Trump told journalists that Iran is having "massive riots and protests all over the country". He later clarified he meant the United States offered them no financial support, though it backed their aspirations.

Rouhani also said he has ordered a three-member committee consisting of the Vice-President in Legal Affairs, Interior Minister, and Justice Minister to give him a report on the arrests and the deaths of protesters.

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Iran has criticized the US efforts to build an alliance to protect shipping in the Gulf, saying countries in the region can protect waterways used by oil tankers. Abe traveled to Iran in June but received a lecture from Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on how Trump couldn't be trusted.

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