Trump Reiterates Promise to End AIDS in 10 Years

Being infected with HIV  AIDS severely affects immunity and body's ability to fight diseases

Being infected with HIV AIDS severely affects immunity and body's ability to fight diseases

Latest official estimates by United Nations agencies show that Africa is far off track in reducing new HIV infections among children and young people and is unlikely to reduce new infections in young people substantially before 2030 due to an anticipated doubling of the adolescent population.

Unleashing the potential of this partnership is the key for Cambodia to sustain epidemic control and end AIDS by 2025. The CDC also said the South "lags behind in providing quality HIV prevention services and care". This can help people decide to take preventive measures or seek treatment if they are HIV positive.

This year, Gilwest aims to highlight preventive programs and stigmas around HIV in the province such as Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) - a fully funded strategy that the province has added to its HIV program to combat infections in B.C.

If used properly, and in combination with condoms, PrEP can virtually eliminate the risk of acquiring HIV.

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta lays a foundation of Mother and Child Centre at Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital during the commemoration of World Aids Day yesterday.

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The name "Chhouk Sar" refers to the white lotus that thrives even in muddy environments.

The MSNP also urged the society to stand in solidarity with the precious lives that have been lost and salute the communities who have been working hard to bring about changes to stop this epidemic. Altogether, there were 102 new HIV cases diagnosed, a significant portion of which were represented by foreigners. In addition, effective HIV prevention methods are now available.

UNAIDS reports that 32% of people in the Middle East and North Africa are accessing the treatment. ART reduces the amount of the virus in a person's body, allowing them to live healthy lives and reducing their chances of transmitting HIV to others, says the US Department of Health and Human Services.

The AU Commission Chairperson, however, noted that the African continent "has made remarkable achievements in the AIDS response" since the Abuja Special Summit on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Related Infectious Diseases in 2001, during which African leaders declared AIDS as a State of Emergency in the continent. "If they don't get tested they won't know" Danzey said.

It said pregnant woman and her unborn child should receive the HIV treatment right at the delivery room.

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Despite these vast achievements, the AIDS epidemic in Cambodia is not over.

It's an entertaining way to educate people about a serious topic.

One in every three new HIV infections are in the capital city of Phnom Penh.

"Our government is committed to advancing the fight against this disease as we increase support for communities and people affected", Premier John Horgan says in a statement.

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