China imposes sanctions on US NGOs over Hong Kong rights law

A protester gestures after riot police pull out from a street in Hong Kong Saturday Nov. 30 2019. Hundreds of silver-haired activists joined young

Hong Kong pro-democracy rally cut short by police tear gas

A man clearing barricades in Hong Kong was hit in the head with a street drain cover over the weekend, marking a violent return to anti-Government demonstrations across the Asian financial hub.

China had threatened countermeasures even before U.S. President Donald Trump signed into law last week, legislation aimed at supporting pro-democracy protesters in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory.

The U.S. measure includes provisions for sanctions against Chinese officials who are found to have violated human rights; it also links Hong Kong's special trade status to an annual evaluation of condition there.

"China has suspended the approval of the request by United States aircraft and warships to visit Hong Kong in response to the latest Hong Kong-related bill passed by the USA lawmakers", official media quoted the Chinese foreign ministry as saying.

More tear gas was sacked at night after dozens of hardcore protesters set up roadblocks and vandalised some shops and restaurants linked to China.

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Carrying yellow balloons and waving banners that read "No tear gas, save our children", the protesters streamed through the city's central business district towards government headquarters on the main Hong Kong island.

They chanted "five demands, not one less" and "disband the police force" as they marched, in reference to the protest movement's five formal demands of the Government. "But if there are more tangible threats on staffers and representatives for these organizations operating in Hong Kong, it would be a serious clampdown on freedom of expression".

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, speaking to students in Kentucky, said that Hong Kong demonstrators want "what our next generation of Americans wants - they want freedom, the chance to raise a family, to practice their faith in the way that they want".

There was "already a large amount of facts and evidence that make it clear that these non-governmental organisations support anti-China" forces and "incite separatist activities for Hong Kong independence", Ms Hua said.

Among the groups to be subject to the unspecified sanctions, the National Endowment for Democracy receives funding directly from Congress, while others generally draw their running costs from a mixture of private and public grants.

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The USS Blue Ridge, the amphibious command ship of the US Seventh Fleet, was the last American navy ship to visit Hong Kong, in April.

"Rather that target an organisation that seeks to defend the rights of the people of Hong Kong, the Chinese government should respect those rights". They said they would not go to work, respond to work emails or take part in conference calls.

"For many people, Hong Kong has become an unfamiliar place".

More than 10,000 people marched on Sunday to try to pressure the government to address the demands after pro-democracy candidates won a landslide victory in district council elections one week earlier. She said sanctions will apply to nations that act "badly" over the recent and continuous unrest in Hong Kong.

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