Small Business Saturday draws neighbors to downtown Wausau

Shop local with deals and discounts on Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday: Its impact on local economy

"We've had people who've come from Hickson, and so the roads were bad, and they still came for Small Business Saturday", said the owner of Unglued Ashley Morken.

For Smith, this is a reminder of how she's able to support consumers and vendors through her business. And Small Business Saturday, just a day after Black Friday, allows those shoppers to buy locally and invest in the local community.

Businesses at The Cotton Exchange open for business on Small Business Saturday.

"Everything is about giving back and to supporting our local community", said Thomas. Dozens of downtown businesses participated. "I understood that before I owned this place but I understand it and appreciate it even more since owning".

Nine killed, three injured in U.S. plane crash
Knudson says weather will be among several factors NTSB investigators will review, but no cause has yet been determined. The outlet reported that the family had travelled to South Dakota for an annual Thanksgiving hunting trip.

White is shopping for her loved ones this Christmas stopping by almost every small business downtown.

While Saturday is the big day, it's a reminder to think about shopping local throughout the holiday season, and the year.

"We're really here to find what the most appropriate and best toy for your kid is and not what the most popular item", Timeless Toys shopkeeper Scott Friedland said. That's part of the reason why Caitlin Mohr shops locally.

Today, every community in Livingston County has small business specials.

Six European countries join barter system for Iran trade
The move is to " facilitate legitimate trade between Europe and Iran ", and also to make the Islamic Republic stick by the 2015 JCPOA nuclear deal.

Full Circle provides a relaxed environment serving beer, food, and wine while keeping their prices low.

"And it's a lot of fun", Mary Lou Kueffer said.

"Buying from somebody that you know is in the community and involved in the community is actually more meaningful", said Verhasselt.

"I want to keep our downtown alive".

L'assaillant lié à des "groupes terroristes islamistes" — Attaque de Londres
Les trois victimes ont pu rentrer chez elles vendredi soir après avoir été hospitalisées. L'assaillant est qualifié de " combattant de l'État islamique ".

China was once a lower cost option for small business owners to import hats or bottles of water to customize and sell in the United States, but a recent survey conducted by BizBuySell shows that 37% of them face rising costs due to tariffs linked to trade war. "They're thinking about how they're spending their dollars", said Reimers.

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