New prostate cancer test can be done at home

Cancer test at home on ‘first wee of the day’

Norwich researchers pioneer prostate cancer test with urine samples taken at home | Health

Scientists at the University of East Anglia and the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital have been developing a new prostate cancer test that they say could "revolutionise" diagnoses. Doctors who conducted a study of the test, published in the journal BioTechniques, explain that it allows patients who collect a urine sample at home to evaluate their risk of prostate cancer, which is the most common form of cancer among men.

To evaluate the effectiveness of the PUR test, the researchers recruited 14 men whom they subjected to a range of medical tests including a digital rectal examination, which is one of the main methods of detecting prostate cancer (along with blood tests, an MRI scan or a biopsy). It's able to pick up how aggressive the disease is and at what point men will need treatment, as well as ruling out those who do not have the disease.

This is an important step forward, because the first urination of the day provides biomarker levels from the prostate that are much higher and more consistent.

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"It capacity that men wouldn't must undergo a digital rectal examination, so it would possibly per chance presumably well per chance be noteworthy less stressful and would possibly presumably well simply discontinuance in plenty extra patients being tested".

A simple "At-home collection kit" will indeed revolutionize the diagnosis where men need not go for a painful digital rectal examination.

Dr Clark said: "We found that urine samples taken at home showed the biomarkers for prostate cancer much more clearly than after a rectal examination".

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It is also suitable for men already diagnosed with low risk disease who are on a "watch and wait" approach known as active surveillance. "And feedback from the participants showed that the at-home test was preferable", pointed out Dr Clark.

This means men manufacture now no longer must hotfoot into the health facility to provide a urine pattern or to undergo a rectal exam. Prostate cancer usually develops slowly and the majority of cancers will not require treatment in a man's lifetime. The university receives more than 800 referrals a year to investigate the true samples and treat potential prostate cancer.

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