The ball is now in Hong Kong government's court

Hong Kong Election

Pro-democracy candidate Jimmy Sham speaks to reporters after winning his election in Hong Kong on Nov. 25 2019

Opposition candidates won almost 90 percent of contested seats, according to public broadcaster RTHK.

The result of the district elections clearly answered this question.

"The government... they have to face the fact that the majority of the Hong Kong people are supporting the five demands and they have to change the system and we must have a democratic government" he said.

The city's local council elections didn't generate much interest in the past, as district councilors have little political power and are mainly concerned with local issues including bus routes and garbage collection.

"It's nothing short of a revolution".

"The Chinese government is unswervingly determined to safeguard national sovereignty, and to oppose any interference in Hong Kong affairs by external forces".

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Some votes were still being counted Monday morning, but Hong Kong media tallied that the pro-democracy camp had won a commanding majority in the vote for 452 district council seats.

"We are only vehicles used to reflect the people's concerns", said Wu. "This is a democratic tsunami", said Tommy Cheung, a former student protest leader who won a seat in the Yuen Long district close to China's border.

Earlier in the day, Wang Yi, who is also state councillor, said in Tokyo that attempts to disrupt Hong Kong will never succeed. "Any attempts to destroy Hong Kong or harm Hong Kong's stability and development can not possibly succeed".

Hong Kong protesters have five separate demands from the territory's government and people are unlikely to relent until they are achieved.

But the election outcome will add new pressure on Carrie Lam. Some pro-establishment candidates have already pointed fingers at Lam for their loss.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Carrie Lam vowed in a statement on Monday that the government will listen humbly and reflect on the voters' opinion. This was on top of the number of registered voters scoring a new record, and then the voter turnout snowballing to 71% from 47% four years ago. The pro-Beijing camp has so far only managed to win 28 confirmed seats in Sunday's elections. Before the election, many leaders of the pro-China camp had been telling their bosses that the escalation of violence had turned Hongkongers against the protests because the people yearned for a restoration of order.

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U.S. President Donald Trump has been inconsistent when talking about the protests, in some cases calling them riots and in other cases saying he supports them.

Among the losers were firebrand lawmaker Junius Ho, one of the politicians most loathed by democracy activists, and who was stabbed this month during campaigning.

Election authorities also banned leading democracy activist Joshua Wong from running, over his support for Hong Kong "self-determination".

Hong Kong residents dissatisfied with an extradition bill proposed by embattled territory Chief Executive Carrie Lam took to the streets in protest during April this year. But outside many polling stations, there was no visible police presence. At lunchtime Monday, dozens of supporters gathered in a business district for a victory rally. A woman popped a champagne bottle and poured drinks for everyone.

"This is historic. As our city plummets from being semi-autonomous to semi-authoritarian, we react by showing what's democracy in action", Wong tweeted.

Election victor candidate Kelvin Lam, center, and pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong, rear center, greet people for their support, outside South Horizons Station in Hong Kong, November 25, 2019. An estimated 30 protesters, fearing arrests, are still holding out at the campus, which has been ringed by police for days.

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With most of the demands not met, there is no end in sight for the Hong Kong protests.

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