Elon Musk Explains Why Window Broke On The Cybertruck

Lifted Tesla Cybertruck Looks Like a Stealth Hammer

Tesla Books 146K Preorders For Controversial Cybertruck Potentially Worth $8 Billion

Tesla has said the "Cybertruck," which starts at $39,900, will be in production in 2021.

And, in spite of all negative (or just plain perplexed) opinions, Elon Musk just reported that Tesla has received 200,000 orders for its new truck - that's probably even crazier than the way the truck looks. If you opt for the top-of-the-line tri-motor AWD version, you're looking at more than 800km of range and 0-60mph (0-97kph) in a zippy 2.9sec.

The U.S. pickup truck market is one of the world's most profitable vehicle segments and is dominated by Ford, General Motors and Fiat Chrysler. The billionaire tweeted Sunday that 200,000 orders of the futuristic vehicle are in so far, just three days after it was unveiled to a mixed response. "To solve sustainable energy, we have to have a pick-up truck", he said at the unveiling.

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In an attempt to minimize negative publicity, Musk tweeted over the weekend that the windows shattered because the base of the glass was already cracked following an earlier demonstration that used a sledgehammer to show the door's resilience. While Musk's metal ball test on the Cybertruck's windows didn't go to plan, in this case the Cybertruck came out on top of the F-150.

Placing an order costs buyers $100, which Tesla says is fully refundable.

Shares in the company plunged 6.1 percent following the truck's bumpy launch and several lacklustre reviews.

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From touting the features of Cybertruck to taking a dig at Ford's F-150 pickup truck, Musk has been tweeting furiously to boost sales since Thursday's launch.

The billionaire has always been using his 30 million Twitter followers as a platform to sell Tesla's vehicles, but landed in trouble a year ago when he tweeted he would be taking Tesla private before later withdrawing the statement.

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