Buttigieg talks impeachment at presidential debate

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Biden team sends fundraising email about debate performance hours before he takes the stage

"Let's get as much help to the American people as we can as fast as we can". Mayor of South Bend, Indiana and the only adult Michael Jackson would be into'. Buttigieg is surging in early state polls in Iowa and New Hampshire.

At one point, Klobuchar was asked by debate moderator Andrea Mitchell what she meant when she suggested recently that woman candidates with Buttigieg's level of experience probably wouldn't make it to a presidential debate stage. Yes, there was Sen.

California Sen. Kamala Harris previously launched another apparent broadside at Gabbard over the controversial 2017 Syria summit, but was rapped in return by Gabbard for "continuing to traffic in lies and smears and innuendos".

It was understood that as a result of this surge in support in recent weeks he would need to be ready to take on more harsh criticisms during Wednesday night's debate-marking the fifth time the candidates have faced off on a debate stage-and that how he handled those attacks would largely determine whether his candidacy could continue its ascent of late. And that's like saying men sometimes have a right to hit women. Carol Moseley Braun - as Harris, another black female senator, stood mere feet from him onstage.

Biden said as president he would leave it to the Department of Justice to decide whether Trump should be prosecuted for his actions.

It was, atypically, Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey, normally a nonconfrontational voice on the debate stage, who opened a more contentious phase of the debate, critiquing Warren's proposal for a tax on the nation's largest fortunes.

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And wait for it, wait for it: That wasn't even Biden's worst debate-related moment. Harris derided candidates who "show up when it's, you know, close to election time and show up in a black church and want to get the vote, but just haven't been there before". "I have won statewide", Klobuchar said to him, adding that while she had "appreciation for your good work as a local official".

Booker declared, "Black voters are pissed off, and they're anxious".

"My response is, I completely agree", Buttigieg answered.

The spot says Gordon Sondland, a GOP contributor who gave $1 million to President Donald Trump's inaugural committee, is emblematic of Washington corruption.

"It goes on to ask for donations to Biden's campaign, highlighting that the campaign still has "$90,000 we've gotta raise before the debate". A majority of Americans now say that marijuana should be "legalized" - which, as Booker advocates, would permit people to buy, sell and use marijuana. "I have a lot of respect for the vice president ..."

Warren and Sanders, representing the most progressive wing of the Democratic Party, defended Medicare for All on Wednesday, with Sanders saying, "Some of the people up here think we should not take on the insurance agency", but adding, "I think now is the time".

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Booker responded by telling Biden, "I thought you might have been high when you said it".

"I learned, number one, that Donald Trump doesn't want me to be the nominee".

"I'm part of that Obama coalition", Biden said.

Biden incorrectly said that he has the support of the "only African American woman ever elected to the Senate". It was an apparent reference to an endorsement from former senator Carol Moseley Braun (Ill.), but disregarded Harris - who, onstage, laughed and shrugged.

Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard has carved out a distinctive role during the Democratic debates - reliable gadfly. The only problem is that the ratings for this debate will probably be down from prior events.

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