No NFL Offers for Kaepernick After Public Workout

Panthers' Eric Reid -- Colin Kaepernick accomplished goal, proved he can play

Eric Reid: Kaepernick's 'goal was accomplished' after workout

Kaepernick's waiver reportedly stuck to physical injuries instead of injuries "arising out of, occurring during, or related directly or indirectly to the workout".

"This man wanted a chance". In a 40-minute workout at an Atlanta high school, watched by a handful of scouts in person and thousands of onlookers online, he demonstrated that his NFL-caliber talent remains intact. R. Drew High School in Riverdale, Georgia, U.S., November 16, 2019. There were originally going to be 25 teams at the workout but in the end, only eight showed up and the whole thing was a disaster.

From the 'Kunta Kinte' shirt he wore to his workout to his very public calling out of the NFL, Colin Kaepernick made clear to the sport's bosses that the path to any potential reconciliation will be very much on his own terms.

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Who Actually Showed At Kaepernick's Workout? And not only that, but all of the attention he will get from the media. The NFL wanted to control the narrative by not letting independent NFL media into the workout to document the workout. The NFL denied this request.

"I have no problem with him changing the workout location", Rose said. My plate is loaded with meat and potatoes that say this: Kaepernick worked out and teams can see the film. The event was an opportunity for him to showcase his athletic abilities and "readiness" for a new shot at the NFL. That some of them are pump-faking like the schedule change was a determining factor is a lie.

At the previous moment, Kaepernick announced that he'd be altering the spot of his workout owing to the conditions that arrived together with the league's waiver. Only for the quarterback's team to send "a completely rewritten and insufficient waiver" back at noon on Saturday. Recognizing that teams need a shield because they need something to hide behind because they know that, guess what, if we bring this brother in for a workout, and we don't like him or we don't want him, who knows what we're gonna get accused of.

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Since then, liberals have turned Kaepernick into a martyr of sorts.

Nalley also spoke to reporters afterward, but he wasn't optimistic about the odds of a team signing his client. He led the San Francisco 49ers to the Super Bowl in the 2012-13 season. The same people argue that his lack of football skills is likely the reason he hasn't been signed. But it didn't happen because he didn't show. Simply put, it doesn't seem like anyone is interested in him right now. "The ultimate goal was to have something take place that hadn't taken place in three years, thats for him to have an opportunity to work out in front of National Football League personnel".

Hopefully, this latest stunt from Kaepernick will land him on the NFL's blacklist for good.

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