Ministry of Equality Deliver Presentations to Mark International Men's Day 2019

Conseslus Kipruto celebrates after winning the 3000 Men's Steeplechse final at the World Athletics Championships in Doha

Conseslus Kipruto celebrates after winning the 3000 Men's Steeplechse final at the World Athletics Championships in Doha

There are some in the society who continue to question why we celebrate International Men's Day, given the patriarchal society, and indeed world, in which we live.

International Men's Day is upon us.

Across all my social media feeds, I saw an encouraging number of people broaching discussions about toxic expectations on masculinity and how these lead to some of the more serious problems outlined by International Men's Day - which, among other things, includes poor mental health, high rates of suicide and how men are impacted by homophobia and transphobia. Since the 1960's people were attempting to celebrate International Men's Day proportional to International Women's Day. Anyone who has a man in their life knows how hard it can be to get them to visit their doctor over a health concern. It is supported by men, women and organisations in more than 60 countries across the globe and in many ways it complements the absolutely wonderful Movember campaign - November is the month we focus on raising money for men's health.

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If you do one thing today, on International Men's Day, give the men in your life a big hug. The target of the theme is to set a spotlight on the need to value men and boys and to help individuals who are working in the direction of practical upgrades for better health and well-being of men and boys globally.

I am thankful that campaigns like Movember and International Men's Day will smash those taboos, that it will crush the myth that it's not manly to seek help on health issues or talk about their mental health.

Thanks to the Strength, Support, and Love You Constantly Shower on Us. Manhood coerced into sensitivity isn't any manhood in any respect. Being a man is a matter of age. We tend to operate on a premise that all men are the same; the truth is there are multiple masculinities on the continuum, and as such we should cater as much as possible to the diverse and complex strands of masculinities, not only locally, but also on a regional and global level.

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Ultimately we are doing gender equality a disservice if we ignore the challenges men face or fail to celebrate their successes, and positive impact on the workplace.

It is celebrated in various manners including public seminars, activities in classrooms to advance the day.

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