President Obama Warns Democratic Candidates Not to Go Too Far Left

Barack Obama wearing a suit and tie Former President Barack Obama has mostly remained out of the public fray since leaving office

Obama Says Average American Doesn't Want to 'Tear Down System'

"The average American doesn't think we have to completely tear down the system and remake it", Obama said.

Broken-down President Barack Obama veteran an study a excessive-greenback donor confab on Friday to bustle the realm of Democratic presidential hopefuls to "pay some attention to the save voters in actuality are", warning them about going to this point on sure insurance policies that they change into out of step with voters. "I deem it's a necessity for us now to not lose gape of that".

At a meeting of the Democracy Alliance on Friday, Obama cautioned against the sort of "revolutionary" change that the Senators from Vermont and MA are proposing, without mentioning their names.

These voters, Mr Obama said, did not necessarily have the same views as what he called "certain left-leaning Twitter feeds" or "the activist wing of our party".

He added: "So I place now not purchase it as a criticism when other folks impart, 'That is mammoth, Obama did what he did and now we desire to withhold out extra.' I am hoping so".

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"Let's stop tearing each other down, let's stop drawing artificial lines", he said. "I'm exhausted in this election of hearing some people say, 'Well if this person gets elected, I can't support them, ' and then other people say, 'If this person gets elected, I can't support them.' Are you kidding me?"

Speaking at a fundraising forum in Washington, the former president - considered a moderate - cautioned candidates against pursuing polices that were not "rooted in reality".

"Their vision for the future of the country is much better and will be more popular than Donald Trump's", Mr Castro, former housing secretary in the Obama administration, said.

But on Friday he said he felt compelled to weigh in because some of the loudest and most strident voices, particularly on social media, aren't representative of where most in the party are at. His critique offered no specific names or platforms, but he cited health care and immigration as two areas where Democratic contenders may have gone too far left to beat Trump.

The late entrance by Patrick, one of the first black governors in United States history who is close to Obama, fueled speculation about the doubts that the ex-president may have about the ability of the candidates already in the race, including his vice president Biden, to take out Trump.

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If you want to see the hashtag #TooFarLeft go viral, just get a former world leader-perferably one who is a Democrat-to denounce Left Twitter.

Obama appeared to want to reassure the many Democrats who fear that the crowded primary will end up being counterproductive, given that the incumbent Trump is all ready to run with a massive campaign war chest.

The fact that Mr. Obama offered his reassurances at the annual meeting of the Democracy Alliance, a club of wealthy liberals who donate hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to recommended political organizations, only underscored the intended audience of his message.

"They just don't want to see insane stuff". Abrams is seen as a rising star in the Democratic Party and a potential VP pick in the 2020 race.

He also sought also to ease jittery Democrats who have been wringing their hands over the size of the sprawling field, which some worry will lead to a prolonged contest that will leave the eventual nominee with limited time to prepare for the general election.

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"While you occur to build up wired about worthy primaries, I simply ought to remind you that I had a extremely worthy significant", Obama said, nodding to his 2008 flee against then-Sen. "Not only did I win ultimately a remarkably tough and lengthy primary process with Hillary Clinton, but people forget that even before that we had a big field of really serious, accomplished people".

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