Singer Ariana Grande is 'very sick,' may cancel show

Ariana Grande Illness

Ariana Grande Is ‘Still Very Sick’ And ‘In A Lot Of Pain’

"I'm not really sure what's going on. You know I push through and hide things as often as I can/as well as I can when sick and wouldn't say something unless it were really tough". I'm so sorry again. She told fans they would be refunded.

'Thank you for understanding and sending love, etc whatever, ' she added.

'Love you with all my heart and will keep you posted'. Ariana said she was "medicated af and hoping to wake up better", and that she would be "seeing the doc again in the am" before letting fans know about her next show.

'Hello my loves, so I'm still very sick.

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Ariana last performed in London in October. I sound okay I'm dazzling in a style of distress and it's complicated to breathe at some stage within the unusual.

She said that she is seeing her doctor and trying her best to be better for her next show.

In an update after her Charlottesville show the Don't Call Me Angel hitmaker had said: "I've been coughing and had this like insane sinus infection thing that has not gone away for a really long time". "Please resolve on this as a lightweight heads up".

The singer wanted to give fans "a gentle heads up", adding, "I don't want anyone to feel blindsided tomorrow if god forbid I can't make the show happen".

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Her fans wished her well and encouraged her to take care of her health first.

Writing on her Instagram Story on Saturday night, she said: "so I'm still very sick". "I've been coughing and had this love insane sinus an infection ingredient that has no longer gone away for a in actuality prolonged time".

Late Friday night after her Charlottesville show she posted a video message to fans describing her illness, sharing that she had been 'kinda like coughing and had this insane sinus infection thing that just hasn't gone away for a really long time'.

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