Every 4th person in Pakistan suffers from diabetes

Ashley Taylor

Ashley Taylor

Henceforth, World Diabetes Day is observed on this day every year and is probably the world's largest Diabetes campaign to do awareness about the disease, its treatment and giving education. Pakistan must include diabetes preventive measures in their national health policy to minimize the burden of the disease.

One in ten patients admitted to scientific institution are plagued by the condition.

People with type 1 diabetes need insulin for survival and to maintain their blood glucose at levels to reduce the risk of common complications such as blindness and kidney failure. One in two people now living with diabetes are undiagnosed. Mostly, this kind of diabetes goes after childbirth.

Endocrinologist Dr Umar Khan explained that diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs when the pancreas is no longer able to produce the hormone insulin, or when the body can not make good use of the insulin it does produce. Also, there is increased tendency for plaques (deposits along the vessel wall) to rupture.

Type 1 is essentially a total insulin deficiency due to the destruction of beta cells by the body's immune system. Based on a review of Filipino Seafarer examinations for 2015 and 2016 done by Del Rosario Pandiphil, diabetes made up 58% of the endocrine diseases found.

Also, law makers have an important role to play ensuring that unhealthy food items are heavily taxed whereas facilities promoting healthy lifestyle and its awareness are greatly subsidized, said Professor Jamal.

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Progression of heart disease in diabetics can be stopped or slowed down by strict control of diabetes mellitus.

Unlike Type 1, Type 2 can often be managed or put into remission through changes in diet and lifestyle.

Some of the strongest trends in the T1D market, include development of a new class of diabetes drugs, emergence of a range of non-invasive diabetes diagnostics and drug delivery devices.

Consume a diet high in whole-grain fiber, lean proteins and colorful fruits and vegetables, legumes and pulses, low fat dietary products, fish and poultry without skin. So I mean, if you can imagine spending $20,000 on insulin a year just to stay alive.

The courses have been clinically proven to have a positive impact on individuals including lowering average blood glucose levels, thereby reducing the risk of complications, plus it helps reduce cholesterol and blood pressure levels, improves levels of physical activity and weight loss; plus improve understanding.

Exercise regularly and be physically active.

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For some interesting facts, let us brief you on the goal of World Diabetes campaign.

Type 2 diabetes - can be caused by poor lifestyle and being overweight. Those who smoke have 30 to 40 per cent higher risk of developing diabetes.

Obesity is the most significant driver for new cases of type two diabetes, accounting for up to 85 per cent of risk.

Stress in any form releases some type of hormones because of fight or flight response phenomenon.

Patient literacy is also very important because it enables patients to know about the condition, like the importance of checking the feet to avoid ulcers or the common side effects like low blood sugar. "Although CVD events account for most of the deaths in TT, nearly all of these patients would have been living with diabetes and this would have been a significant contributor to their condition and their ultimate fate", he said, adding that education about the subjects is available but perhaps unrelatable to the public.

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