North Carolina Cows Lost During Hurricane Dorian Discovered Alive

Cows presumed dead after being swept out to sea by Dorian found alive

3 Cows Sent Adrift by Hurricane Dorian Found Alive on North Carolina Shore Months After Storm

Three cows were spotted near Cape Lookout this month after officials with the Cape Lookout National Seashore said they likely ended up there after swimming up to 5 miles to get to the shore.

The first cow was found the day after the storm on September 7 but the two other younger cows were found three weeks later, Horvat said according to the New York Times.

Most of the animals on the island when Dorian hit September 6 were killed, including 28 wild horses, but the three cows somehow managed to swim up to eight kilometres during the storm to find shelter on the barrier island.

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One cow was spotted shortly after Dorian hit, while the other two were found about two weeks later by visitors. According to the local outlet, 28 wild horses died after being caught in the storm's waves and taken into the Atlantic ocean. "Who knows exactly, but [the cows] certainly have a gripping story to share".

"After 30 days, the park will have to deal with it", Horvat said. "These are wild cattle and an owner has not been identified".

Three North Carolina cows swept out to sea when Hurricane Dorian sparked an 8-foot "mini tsunami" turned up months later - and it's believed they swam four to five miles as the storm raged, according to a new report.

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The cattle, affectionately dubbed "sea cows", are part of a wild herd of about 20 cows known for their presence on private land on Cedar Island, according to the Observer. They had originally been presumed dead after the carcass of another lost cow was found in the wake of the hurricane.

Cedar Island native Woody Hancock told McClatchy he doesn't own the cows, but is among those offering to help get them back on the island.

The hurricane pushed water into coastal bays, creeks and rivers, and all that storm surge rushed back toward the Outer Banks as the winds shifted, experts say.

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