See a spectacular fireball blaze across the Missouri sky

See a spectacular fireball blaze across the Missouri sky

See a spectacular fireball blaze across the Missouri sky

Cameras around St. Louis caught sight of a blazing fireball streaking across the sky. People in both the city and the suburbs reported seeing the flash and lit up social media with posts and pictures.

The American Meteor Society said that it received 175 reports of a fireball across a number of midwestern states on Monday, including Missouri and IL.

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A very small object traveling very fast through the atmosphere caused the stunning display, said Will Snyder, manager of the James S. McDonnell Planetarium at the St. Louis Science Center.

The majority of meteors are burnt up by the atmosphere before they make any substantial contact with land.

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It's called the "Southern Taurids meteor shower" that reached its peak last night.

Reports of a fireball, which a bright, slow-moving meteor, began to emerge at roughly 8:45 p.m. local time, with some residents reporting that the flashing rock was accompanied by the sound of a loud boom. "We looked at each other and thought, 'What the heck was that?'" Many meteors exceed that velocity, Snyder said. Even if the meteor did land on Earth, the chances of someone seeing that are quite slim.

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An apparent meteor brightened the night sky over St. Louis, Missouri, and many people reported having felt and heard a loud "boom" when it happened.

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