Pokemon Sword & Shield Launch Event Cancelled

Max Raid Sneasel

Source Game Freak

Tensions have been high since it was revealed that the game will not be launching with a local Pokedex.

Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield are being released this week and Amazon is chucking Australians a sweet deal to make it a reality. "Up till now it hasn't been attainable to come across each Pokemon in each sport, so individuals needed to switch them from outdated video games to the brand new sport, by utilizing Pokemon Financial institution for instance". Others were also not too happy that some Pokemons will not be returning to the game so we can see why fans were so upset when the event was also canceled. This will allow you to get the game, well, downloaded in advance.

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The news lead to fan outrage that continues to this day, having recently escalated to online threats.

Waiting for multiple gigabytes of data to download isn't fun so you'll want to get the game downloaded ahead of time.

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Very little information on the Pokemon Home app has been released but it appears to be the new transfer app players will need to have all of their Pokemon in one game. Some Pokemon can go beyond Dynamax to Gigantamax, where they sport a new look and move set. "So take excellent care of your outdated Pokemon, as a result of maybe you'll be able to journey with them once more sooner or later".

Pokemon Sword and Shield will be coming to Nintendo Switch later this week, on November 15.

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