John Witherspoon Cause Of Death Revealed

John Witherspoon

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Although it wasn't listed as the main cause of death it's undoubtedly linked to his fatal heart attack.

The outlet reports that Witherspoon died of a "myocardial infarction" which is a medical term for a blocked coronary artery or heart attack.

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Witherspoon also suffered from hypertension, known more commonly as high blood pressure, which may have also contributed to his death.

Witherspoon passed away at his Sherman Oaks home on October 29 and is survived by his sons Alexander and J.D. - and in an emotional social media post, J.D., a fellow comedian, shared what an inspiration his "best friend" and hero' was. John was pronounced dead at 5:30 PM on October 29th.

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We obtained dispatch audio from John's death. and you can hear the dispatcher request rescue for an unconscious man, saying he's under cardiac arrest and CPR was in progress. Witherspoon's family confirmed the news of his death by tweeting that John passed earlier this year. They described John as a fixture in the entertainment scene, as well as a father figure to all those he worked with.

His most recognizable role was "Pops", Ice Cube's father in the stoner comedy "Friday" and its two sequels. He was 77 years old. It was in the 1980 movie, The Jazz Singer, where he made his first appearence. Witherspoon's film roles also included "Vampire in Brooklyn" and "Boomerang", and he was a frequent guest on "Late Show with David Letterman". JD took to his Twitter to reminisce on his father's legacy as well as his time growing up with John as his father.

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