Microsoft's Surface Pro X Is the Most Repairable Surface Ever

Surface Pro X opened for repair

Source iFixit

Microsoft's Surface Pro X was announced in October and launched this month starting at $999. The big issue is of course that Microsoft does not make it clear that the selection of apps able to run on the device is limited, but users appear to have to discover for themselves which ones actually work or not. The update has a name saying ' Microsoft Corporation - System Hardware Update - 11/05/2019' for the Surface Pro X. That's it: you don't need to pry off the display to get at the internal storage.

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As usual, the folks at iFixit tore down the latest Surface Pro X, and they found the SSD to be really easy to upgrade, as Microsoft had promised. You don't need to apply heat or solvents to the foam adhesive to make it workable. That said, you are going to still desire a actual hand and nerves of metallic to utilize the veil, however its a critical departure from how most manufacturers originate their pills on the other hand. What's more, numerous other components are modular - even the two USB-C ports could be replaced if required. And the Surface Pro 7 still exists to offer traditional Intel chips in a tablet-style device for those not convinced by the Surface Pro X. "It would seem that Microsoft has placed at least one foot on the repairability train-between this Pro X and the Laptop 3, we can hardly believe all the repair-focused changes they've made!" says iFixit. So much so that the company has awarded it a 6/10 score for repairability - this compares with a score of just 3/10 for the new iPad Pro. Repairability, like water resistance, is a form of things that is no longer crucial until it becomes a truly great aspect of a instrument. When it does, you might appreciate the fact that you can do the fix yourself.

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