'Joker' is now the most profitable comic book movie ever

Capture of the teaser trailer from Joker

'Joker' is now the most profitable comic book movie ever

The new Terminator might have dethroned Joker to take the top spot at the USA box office this week, but the Joaquin Phoenix starrer has become one of the most profitable comic book-based movie in the history after smashing several records. Keep in thoughts that financially rewarding does not indicate it designed the most money.

As Forbes reports, Joker has made $304.2 million in North America in its first five weeks in cinemas, making $953 million globally.

The film was produced on a budget of $62.5 million, Joker reached a worldwide total gross of $975 million on November 8, 2019.

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That's exactly why they entered the psychological comic-book movie into the Venice Film Festival at the end of August, where it received critical acclaim and duly won the Golden Lion award.

Forbes also points out that Joker is now on track to cross the billion-dollar mark within the next two weeks.

This will essentially make the Todd Phillips-directed and Joaquin Phoenix-starring drama more profitable (in terms of budget as opposed to global gross), than Jim Carrey's The Mask.

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Just a reminder, profitable isn't the exact as raking in the most dollars, even though Joker was ready to surpass Deadpool, an additional renegade comedian e-book film, to develop into the optimum-grossing R-rated film at any time, at the very least if you glance at worldwide profits.

Unlike Endgame and Infinity War which cost a whole lot for Marvel to produce, Joker survived on a production budget of $55 million. What is most spectacular is that Joker did this without remaining shown in China.

The cyber net is stuffed with plenty of theories about Sophie's fate in the Joker movie.

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