Wide Traps Set for Woolly Mammoths Believed Found in Tultepec, Me

Mammoth skeletons and 15,000-year-old human-built traps found in Mexico

Suspected ancient MAMMOTH TRAPS uncovered in Mexico City, bones of some 14 giant beasts found (PHOTOS)

Archeologists have discovered the bones of at least 14 mammoths in two ancient hunting pits north of Mexico City, where it's believed that humans trapped the elephant-like beasts for food in prehistoric times.

The discovery "represents a watershed, a turning point in what we until now imagined to be the interaction between hunter-gatherers with these huge herbivores", Diego Prieto Hernández, director of the institute, said in a statement.

The pits which were discovered were about 6 feet deep and 25 yards wide in diameter.

Archaeologists thought early humans only killed mammoths if the animals were trapped or hurt.

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Groups of about 20 to 30 hunters would scare a mammoth away from the rest of its pack and lure it into the trap with torches.

"There was little evidence before that hunters attacked mammoths".

Not only were the animals eaten, but they were honoured after the hunts.

Some of the bones show signs that the animals had been hunted. In that case, workers digging to install drainage pipe uncovered mammoth remains.

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"They must have considered it fearless and ferocious, showing their respect with this particular arrangement", said Luis Cordoba, an archeologist at INAH.

Other bones recovered in the pit include the vertebrae and jaw of a camel, as well as molars from a horse. Researchers also believe there may be more such traps in the area.

Builders working on the capital's metro system in the 1970s found mammoth bones at Talismán station. Because of its mass quantity of bones, Tultepec II can now be considered a "Mammoth Megasite" by archaeologists.

To this day, the station has a mammoth as its logo in the pictorial system created to help passengers who couldn't read get around the metro.

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