Thousands of Valentine’s Day texts mysteriously arrive months later

People received text messages overnight originally sent on Valentine’s Day

People received text messages overnight originally sent on Valentine’s Day

Others said messages came from friends or relatives who had since shuffled off this mortal coil.

Gizmodo received the following statement from Syniverse: "During an internal maintenance cycle last night, 168,149 previously undelivered text messages were inadvertently sent to multiple mobile operators' subscribers". "He used to text me every morning, and after going eight months without any messages, I was in complete shock".

Stephanie Bovee, a 28-year-old from Portland, Oregon, woke up at 5am to a text from her sister that said just "omg".

"It was a punch in the gut".

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Marissa Figueroa, 25, says she received an unwanted message from her ex, whom she no longer talks to. When that server was reactivated Thursday, those messages got sent. "I'm out looking at the ocean right now because I needed a break".

California resident Barbara Coll said she received an old message from her sister saying their mom was doing well, but she has been dead since June.

"Thankfully she was kind about it", Johnson said.

According to a Sprint spokesperson, the issue was caused due to a "maintenance update" and was resolved soon after it occurred. I can only imagine the upset and confusion caused when those messages popped up.

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T-Mobile said it wasn't an internal issue but rather a problem stemming from a third-party vendor that also affected its networks.

The cause of this freakish fault has been traced to a maintenance update performed on November 6 to a system all the mobile carriers rely on to relay messages. "We're aware of this and it is resolved", a T-Mobile spokesperson said.

Verizon referred CNN Business to Syniverse, which confirmed the incident.

William Hurley, Syniverse's chief marketing and product officer, told GQ that the company apologized to "anyone who was impacted by this occurrence", adding that the service would be reviewing its procedures to ensure that similar errors don't happen again. The issue seems to stem from a misconfigured system in use across all major U.S. carriers and some Canadian providers, affecting any mobile OS and even Google Voice.

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It's a problem that affected almost all major service providers, according to its website, Syniverse is responsible for sending more than 600 billion texts every month.

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