NYS to increase legal tobacco purchase age next week

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More than 27 percent of high school students and 10.5 percent of middle school students used e-cigarettes in 2019-placing them at risk for inhibited brain development and future cigarette smoking, according to the joint report.

The paper states: 'Current findings support that e-cigarettes are not a harm-free alternative to tobacco smoke.

By raising the legal purchase age to 21, the legislation will help prevent underage children from obtaining tobacco products from their friends, reducing the likelihood young adults ever start smoking and become addicted, and ultimately save thousands of lives, the release said.

The increase comes despite ongoing efforts to limit e-cigarette use and get to the bottom of more than 1,800 vaping-related lung injuries across the US, according to the CDC.

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Voters in several Colorado municipalities are largely approving adding a tax hike to tobacco products, according to preliminary election results from Colorado's Secretary of the State's office.

Cuomo is expected to propose in January a package of measures created to curtail vaping usage as well as respond to the intersection of e-cigarette use and the effort to legalize marijuana. Newer generation devices deliver more concentrated vapor for longer periods - meaning that earlier research may have underestimated the impact.

As the popularity of e-cigarettes remains in high schools and middle schools in the USA, there will no doubt be a continued effort to eradicate its negative effects and prioritise student health.

The administration also began more retail inspections, thus limiting sales to minors, and ramped up its awareness campaigns in schools and surveillance of e-liquid marketing, according to the FDA. "Eliminating access to flavored e-cigarettes is a pro-active approach to a growing problem".

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In all grades, fruit flavoring was ranked third, followed by "other". The study was based on a different national survey that included 1,800 Juul users. As it turns out, the discontinued flavors weren't high schooler students first choice.

A panel of experts assessed all available evidence about the safety of electronic cigarettes and said using them was not worth the danger. It also did not ask specifically aboutvaping THC, a chemical found in marijuana.

But US experts are alarmed by the accelerating popularity of vaping by teenagers and reports of deaths linked to e-cigarettes.

Mint and mango are the most popular flavors of JUUL e-cigarettes among US teenagers, new research shows.

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And on the education front, it was recently reported that three United States school districts filed suit against Juul, the e-cigarette manufacturer, "Accusing it of endangering students and forcing educators to divert time and money to fight an epidemic of nicotine addiction", notes The New York Times.

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