Bolivia mayor has hair forcibly cut by crowd of protesters

Police rescue Vinto mayor Patricia Arce Guzman on a motorcycle after people threw paint and dirt on her following a fire in Vinto's Town Hall in Quillacollo Bolivia on Nov. 6 2019

Bolivian protesters drag town mayor barefoot in streets, forcefully cut her hair

Masked protesters called Arce a murderer and dragged her for almost five kilometres before they cut off her hair and doused her with paint, local newspaper Los Tiempos reports.

The gambit, after he was earlier blocked from arriving, has sparked a fierce backlash from government supporters, while helping rally a split opposition after weeks of protests and strikes around the country since the vote.

Vinto Mayor Patricia Arce speeds away on a motorbike after protesters handed her over to police in Vinto, Bolivia, November 6, 2019.

Amid shouts of "murderess, murderess" masked men dragged her through the streets barefoot to the bridge. And I'm in a free country.

Mayor Arce belongs to the Movement to Socialism (MAS) party - the same party as President Morales. Protesters, however, managed to set her office on fire and smashed the town hall's windows.

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Arce was rescued by Police in Vinto after several hours of being tormented by protesters.

Vinto Mayor Patricia Arce reacts while being dragged to a bridge in Vinto, Bolivia, November 6, 2019.

Morales condemned the attack on Arce. In a tweet in Spanish, he said: "All my solidarity with our sister, mayor of Vento, Patricia Arce, who was kidnapped and cruelly harassed for expressing and defending her ideals and the principles of the poorest".

"We condemn the violent actions that cause grief and pain in the Bolivian family", Morales added.

The mayor of a small town in Bolivia has become the latest victim of violence in the country that has seen violent street clashes intensifying over the country's disputed election almost three weeks ago.

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Allegations of fraud emerged on election day after officials abruptly stopped reporting vote results.

Opponents challenge an official count that showed Morales winning by a margin big enough to avoid the need for a runoff against a united opposition. A day later, on October 21, the officials released an updated figure showing a sudden surge in Morales' vote percentage.

The final result gave Mr Morales just over the 10-percentage-point lead he needed to win outright in the first round of the presidential election.

In a press conference on Thursday, Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera called on opposition leaders Carlos Mesa and Luis Fernando Camacho to help stop the violence and heed an ongoing audit of the vote by the Organization of American States (OAS).

On Oct. 24, Morales declared himself the outright victor of the presidential election.

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