'OK, boomer': 25-year-old politician fends off heckler with viral quip

Chlöe Swarbrick quips 'OK boomer' at National MP during climate speech

'OK Boomer': Chloe Swarbrick swats away heckler

"Mr Speaker, how many world leaders, for how many decades have seen and known what is coming but have decided that it is more politically expedient to keep it behind closed doors".

"My generation and the generations after me do not have that luxury".

Green MP Chloe Swarbrick brought one of the internet's biggest buzzwords to Parliament on Tuesday, but it seems the automated captions on Parliament TV haven't caught up.

On its face, the term is dismissive but typically harmless, the kind of thing a teen might use to rib, say, 69-year-old Dr. Phil struggling to master VSCO girl catchphrases, or fire back at a parent who has just delivered a lecture on curfews.

The Green Party member later took to Facebook and said that while some took offense to the retort, she simply flipped the script on the generation who some claim have been condescending to millennials.

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'OK, boomer, ' explained: Why are Gen Z and millennials calling out boomers on TikTok?

The second reading of the Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill passed last night with the support of all parties except ACT.

The phrase captures a "collective exhaustion", Swarbrick told New Zealand news outlet Stuff.

"You can not win a deeply polarized debate - facts don't matter", she told Stuff.

The phrase appears to address those in the "baby boomer" generation, who were born between 1946 and 1964, but is most abundant in responses to the social media posts of those over 30.

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"It's better to acknowledge that perhaps energy is better spent elsewhere", she said.

Writing on Facebook after her comment went viral, Ms Swarbrick wrote: 'Today I have learnt that responding succinctly and in flawless jest to somebody heckling you about *your ageyour generation* with the literal title of their generation makes some people very mad.

'So I guess millennials ruined humour.

"That rallying cry is the relatively innocuous "okay boomer". A lot of them don't believe in climate change or don't believe people can get jobs with dyed hair, and a lot of them are stubborn in that view.

Swarbrick, 25, responded, quickly, cuttingly and with a quip that only a millennial could pull off: "OK, boomer". It's like, we'll prove you wrong, we're still going to be successful because the world is changing'.

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