Trump wades into United Kingdom politics, telling Johnson and Farage to unite

Boris Johnson Says Sorry Tories Missed Oct. 31 Brexit Deadline

‘Only way to get Brexit done is to go with my deal’: UK PM Boris Johnson

Nigel Farage is in secret talks with individual Eurosceptic Tory candidates about withdrawing Brexit Party opponents at the general election after Boris Johnson snubbed a nationwide pact.

It's a line that has had quite a lot of traction with the Brexit-voting public, too. "There will be no Brexit without the Brexit Party", Farage told his party's election candidates.

Discussing Johnson's strategy, he said: "Look, perhaps he doesn't want a pact because he wants to continue with his European Union treaty". That might be the worst scenario for Sterling from here, even if the Brexit vote in 2016 did itself send the Pound tumbling by almost a fifth against the Dollar before reaching its lowest ebb.

Corbyn said "the Brexit crisis needs to be resolved but it must be done democratically".

And thank goodness for that. How do I serve the cause of Brexit best?

In the May local elections this year Labour's 40-year dominance over the town - so strong that its famed veteran MP and lifelong Eurosceptic, Dennis Skinner, was nicknamed the Beast of Bolsover - was well and truly overthrown. Last week The Times reported that Boris will remove the threat of 'No Deal' from the Conservative manifesto, however, several ERG MPs have told Guido this would be akin to "surrender".

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Pressed on whether this could ultimately lead to a no-deal exit - with the United Kingdom defaulting to World Trade Organisation rules - if no free trade deal could be agreed by that point, he pointed out that Mr Johnson had been able to secure major changes to the current withdrawal agreement in "just 90 days".

Certainly, it's vital that the No Deal option should be included in the Conservative manifesto.

Labour's new official stance is to negotiate a more EU-friendly withdrawal agreement with Brussels and then let voters decide whether to back it or simply stay in the EU.

What about the other parties and Brexit?

A Brexit Party spokesman refused to comment on Mr Coburn's tweets, although he admitted that he couldn't see them as he had apparently been blocked from his Twitter page.

But just because the Conservatives wish it so doesn't mean it must be so. "I think that's a possibility".

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"In a speech pledging to "get Brexit sorted", Corbyn is set to accuse the Conservative leader of "[hijacking] Brexit to sell out our NHS and working people by stripping away their rights".

"We wouldn't be saying this if we didn't think it was realistic and do-able".

The Brexit Party will kick off a nationwide tour as part of its campaign, taking in towns in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, after leader Nigel Farage vowed to target the five million Labour voters who backed Leave in the referendum.

It takes two to tango. You know what? They're right.

Michael Gove has slated the Labour Party's Brexit policy, joking that it was "as clear and straightforward as an apology from Vicky Pollard". That will take no longer than three months because the deal will be based on terms we've already discussed with the EU, including a new customs union, a close single market relationship and guarantees of rights and protections.

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