NDP: Jagmeet Singh loses seats in the 2019 Canadian Elections

Clockwise top left Jagmeet Singh Justin Trudeau Elizabeth May Maxime Bernier Andrew Scheer and Yves-François

Clockwise top left Jagmeet Singh Justin Trudeau Elizabeth May Maxime Bernier Andrew Scheer and Yves-François

All told, the Liberals won 157 seats to the Conservatives' 122 even as the Tories claimed 34.4 per cent of the popular vote compared to the Liberals' 33.1 per cent.

"I was anxious about a Conservative minority and so the fact that its a liberal minority with the NDP and the greens and hanging onto a fair amount of their seats was positive for me", said another.

In terms of environmental promises, which featured prominently in the campaign,"There's a challenge looming of how to reconcile 100 million tonnes per year of [greenhouse gas] emissions from the oil sands with a 30 per cent reduction, below 2005 levels by 2030 level and getting to that zero", said Harrison.

People's Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier lost his seat in Beauce, the only one his upstart party had going into the election.

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Mr. Scheer's party failed to make the breakthrough it was hoping for in the province, especially in the seat-rich suburban belt around Toronto known by its telephone area code, the 905.

He, and those closest to him, were adamant Tuesday that he will remain in place, though there was grumbling among those farther away from his orbit about the party's failure to capitalize on the multiple scandals around the Trudeau Liberals.

After 2015, the plan and budget they put in place had always been set with a long game in mind: a potential minority in 2019, and then a majority after that government fell, party sources said on background Tuesday, granted anonymity to talk about internal strategy.

Scheer also characterized Monday's results that way. "This is a first step". The Liberals won a minority government, the Bloc won dozens of seats, and the NDP may hold the balance of power.

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NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has won re-election in his B.C. seat of Burnaby South, with his party leading or elected in 25 seats, which would be a decline from the 39 seats the party held when Parliament was dissolved for the election campaign.

The Bloc Quebecois, once written off in Quebec after a poor showing in 2015 and internal dissent that almost threatened the party's future, has captured 32 seats.

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Both British Columbia Premier John Horgan and Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart are among those congratulating Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on his election win.

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