MPs Reject Boris Johnson's Plans To Approve Brexit Deal By October 31

Brexit Setback For Johnson

Brexit: Boris Johnson threatens election 'if MPs reject timeline for new divorce deal'

"It is disappointing that in the week where I'm leading the People's Vote campaign in Scotland.that this is Unite's priority", he said.

MPs have voted to proceed with turning Boris Johnson's Brexit deal into legislation, but rejected the Prime Minister's timetable for doing so, casting the whole process into doubt.

The key vote today is on the motion of the second reading of the withdrawal agreement bill put forward yesterday.

Britain has been struggling to agree on how to leave the European Union ever since narrowly backing Brexit in a 2016 referendum.

"If Parliament refuses to allow Brexit to happen and instead gets its way and decides to delay everything until January, in no circumstances will the government continue with this", he said.

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If Parliament agrees to Johnson's timetable, opposition lawmakers plan to seek amendments that could substantially alter the bill, for example by adding a requirement that the Brexit deal be put to voters in a new referendum, or by requiring the government to extend the transition period until a new trade deal with the European Union has been agreed.

He then hopes the lower House of Commons commits to passing the entire legislation in three days - a heavy lift for a 110-page text created to unwind 46 years of intricate EU-UK ties.

BORIS JOHNSON was last night left clinging by his fingertips to his "do or die" vow for an October 31 Brexit after MPs threw out his breakneck timetable. A period of three days of debate was last night confirmed for the House of Commons.

After he was forced by opponents into the humiliation of asking the European Union for a delay that he had promised he would never ask for, Johnson is battling to ram legislation through the House of Commons that will enact his last-minute Brexit deal.

European Council President Donald Tusk said Tuesday that EU leaders "will decide in coming days" whether to grant Britain that extension - what would be the third. "What we need to do is to build a Leave alliance of those across the spectrum to fight and win the next general election: the only way we can leave this place is with a clean-break Brexit", Farage said.

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It also opens up increased opportunities for MPs to seek to amend the legislation in ways the Government would find unacceptable. House of Commons speaker John Bercow refused a vote on his deal on Monday.

Johnson's rapid success would see the legislation move to the upper House of Lords of Friday.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who has called for a second referendum on Brexit, said Mr Johnson was trying to "blindside" MPs into supporting a "rotten bill".

Government sources told The Daily Telegraph newspaper that Johnson could pull the bill if it gets weighed down with amendments his Conservatives cannot accept.

Hilary Benn, chairman of the Commons Brexit Committee and author of the controversial "Benn Act", took to Twitter to voice his anxieties over the Clause's wording, suggesting the UK's legislature "would have no say" and the country would crash out of the bloc even if "a trade agreement hadn't been reached".

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