Did Jared Leto Really Try To Stop Warner Bros. From Making Joker?

Joker was made on a budget of 55 million dollars

Joker was made on a budget of 55 million dollars

When Warner Bros. decided to make Joaquin Phoenix's Joker, they already had a Joker on the payroll - Jared Leto, who portrayed the Clown Prince of Crime in the DC movie Suicide Squad.

Whatever caused Warner Bros.to back away from a Leto-led Joker movie and prioritize Phillips' project instead, we can't say for certain, but it seems clear that Leto didn't like how things played out.

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Now it has come to light though that according to sources familiar with Leto's behavior, he not only complained to his agents but asked his manager, Irving Azoff, to call the leader of Warners parent company.

Leto's Clown Prince of Crime was seen briefly in the 2016 film Suicide Squad. Even if you think Leto's Joker was ridiculous (and it was!), it's easy to see why he might be upset. Sources close to THR have claimed that Leto was unhappy with the way his agents handled delivering to him the news of Phillips' Joker movie, feeling that he should have been told sooner and that his agents should have made a better effort to convince Warner Bros.to go through with his standalone Joker film. Leto ultimately parted ways with CAA in the summer of 2019, joining WME instead.

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Despite his apparent unhappiness at Todd Phillips' Joker being given the go-ahead, The Hollywood Reporters add that "Leto's representative says the actor is still happily working with Warner Bros. and notes that he's now shooting John Lee Hancock's Little Things, starring alongside Rami Malek and Denzel Washington, at the studio". It's already been rumored that he'd be making an appearance in the upcoming Harley Quinn stand-alone movie Birds of Prey.

Leto previously talked about being open to playing the Joker again. "It kind of ends his Joker run", a source went on to explain to THR.

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A source in Jared's camp denies the request was made. The film only featured around ten minutes of Leto's Joker.

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