Chile declares state of emergency amid student riots

The subway ticket gates are seen destroyed after protests against the increase in the subway ticket prices in Santiago

Chile shuts down capital city metro as violent protests spread Demonstrators protest against the increase in the subway ticket prices in Santiago

Police have reportedly detained more than 300 people, while 156 officers have been injured, 49 police cars have been damaged, and 41 metro stations have been damaged, as the entire transport system was temporarily shut down.

In a statement, he said the objective of the state of emergency is to ensure public order and peace for the inhabitants of Santiago.

Macul Metro station set on fire by protesters during a mass fare-dodging protest in Santiago on Saturday. Demonstrators targeted almost all of the 164 metro stations by destroying gates and turnstiles and even throwing Molotov cocktails, forcing the closure of the entire subway system-the largest in South America and the most important form of transport in the capital. Anti-riot police used tear gas and batons against some protesters, who have been demonstrating for days against the increase.

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The state of emergency-which can remain in place for 15 days, according to the the Chilean constitution-hands responsibility for security to the military, while providing the government with additional powers to restrict the movement of citizens and the right to assembly, The Guardian reported.

The President said that under special state security laws, those who caused the damage across the city would be prosecuted, the news agency added.

Chilean Minister of Transportation Gloria Hutt, who earlier rejected lowering fares, said "it's possible that during the next week the functioning [of the subway system] returns in a gradual fashion". The law carries prisons sentences of three to five years for offenders. Chile doesn't produce its own oil and must import its fuel, leading to high prices for gasoline, electricity and elevated public transportation costs.

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Plus de 150 personnes ont été blessées, et plus de 70 manifestants ont été interpellés par la police depuis lundi. Selon les autorités, 57 vols ont été annulés à l'aéroport, tandis que plusieurs routes ont été coupées.

By the end of the week the protests had turned violent with students breaking gates, shattering glass and throwing debris onto the electrified rails. A train driver was injured by broken glass.

Residents in many districts of Santiago banged their pots in a show of support for the protestors. Thousands of commuters were stranded on their way home from work.

The National Coordinator of Secondary Students, one of two groups that is representing high-school students, called for the protests to be continued.

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The protests come amid broader discontent over the rising cost of living and began after a decision by the government to raise subway fares by 30 pesos (about four cents).

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