Juul to stop selling many flavors in US

Juul stops selling ALL flavors except tobacco and menthol

Juul stops sale of fruity, dessert-flavored e-cigarettes

Leading e-cigarette company Juul Labs will stop selling several flavored products in the United States, the company announced Thursday.

Consider refraining from using e-cigarettes or vaping products, particularly any that have been purchased illegally, including any that contain THC. Consistent with prior announcements, there still is no single unifying factor linking all the confirmed cases. Nicotine, which is found in these products, is also highly addictive and "can harm adolescent brain development, which continues into the early- to mid-20s".

"Any tobacco product use, including e-cigarettes, is unsafe, especially for youth", CDC director Dr. Robert R. Redfield said in a statement.

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Critics have slammed Juul and other e-cigarette companies for their flavored products, claiming they're designed for children and have left a new generation of kids addicted to nicotine.

Vaping company Juul is suspending sales of sweet and fruity flavored e-cigarettes.

The decision to suspend flavored sales comes amid a nationwide vaping crisis that's claimed at least 33 lives and injured almost 1,500 others as of October 15, CDC data shows.

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After government health inquiries, looming potential regulation, and, recently, President Donald Trump's specific call for a ban on flavored vapes, Juul seems to be conceding the point. "As such, we recommend that you should not use e-cigarette, or vaping, products that contain THC". Though Juul restricts sales to adults, many third-party online vendors offer various vaping products for sale without requiring proof of age, making it easy for teens to acquire the products. K.C. Crosthwaite promptly took over position as CEO of Juul.

The latest announcement from Juul is part of a company-wide review being led by Crosthwaite.

The flavors affected by Juul's latest announcement-mango, crème, fruit, and cucumber-account for 10 percent of Juul's sales. Crosthwaite suggests this pre-emptive action by the company is created to help regain the trust of society in his company's e-cigarette products.

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"We will continue to develop scientific evidence to support the use of these flavored products, coupled with strict measures to combat underage use, as we believe these products can play an important role in helping adult smokers move away from combustible cigarettes", the company said Thursday.

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