Blizzard Cancels Overwatch Nintendo Store Launch Event

Getting Overwatch on Switch? You should probably just buy from the eShop

Blizzard cancels Overwatch launch event at Nintendo New York store

Today, Blizzard announced it was canceling a promotional event originally scheduled to take place tomorrow in NY but it wouldn't say why.

With this in mind, we can assume (though can't say for certain) that Blizzard opted to cancel the New York Overwatch event in an effort to avoid any ugly situations that would take the focus off of the game and put needless heat on innocent Nintendo employees (and Overwatch voice actors).

Nintendo itself broke the news on its Twitter feed earlier today. Nintendo announced the event's cancellation late on October 14...

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Notice that this announcement is coming from Nintendo (makers of the Switch console), not from Blizzard. At the moment Blizzard has not offered any comment about the cancellation.

As you may recall, the pro player was banned for demonstrating during a live streaming in favor of the people of Hong Kong, and Blizzard had chose to ban him and revoke his cash prizes.

Had Blizzard gone forward with the Overwatch event, those kinds of views would likely have been overwhelmingly and loudly represented by in-person protesters at the Nintendo World store. The company lowered the bans for all involved and stated it would pay out prize money, but the gist of the statement was that China had nothing to do with the decision.

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The backlash from the fanbase following Blizzard's actions against Blitzchung has been massive.

Blitzchung's political statement rippled across the internet after Blizzard banned the player, offering 2 statements. Social media across the board, including Blizzard's subreddits, have been ablaze with anger, calls for protest, and memes deriding the company. What possible reason could it have for doing this?

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