Raiders coach Jon Gruden reacts to his brother Jay Gruden's firing

Washington Redskins interim head coach Bill Callahan speaks to reporters Monday

Washington Redskins interim head coach Bill Callahan speaks to reporters Monday

"I have mixed emotions about it", Gruden said to John Keim of

Sean McVay's ties to the Gruden family run deep and strong, and shortly after the Washington Redskins fired Jay Gruden in the predawn hours Monday, the two men were in touch, even as speculation began about Gruden's future place of employment. "It was a long night, last couple of nights". He would soon find himself joining ESPN as a color analyst for "Monday Night Football" until Oakland finally got him to come back in 2018 on a insane 10-year contract.

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"My dad's been fired", Gruden added.

In other words, Redskins fans can only imagine how different things could be if the organization chose to go with one of these guys at some point over Gruden, but unfortunately there's nothing they can do about it anymore. "I've been fired. Jay's been fired". "At the end of the day, if you're not the G.M., you have to accept the fact that you don't get everything you want".

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One was a lack of bitterness about being fired because the team didn't do well enough to justify continuing down the same path. Gruden also lamented the injuries that were a constant during his time with the team and the difficulty that comes with trying to win games shorthanded. "It's hard", Jay Gruden added.

"He protected me from a lot of the things that - I don't know that a lot of people would do that". Jon served as head coach, while Jay was an offensive assistant.

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