October 2019 Android Security Update Now Available for Pixel Devices

Exploited Android 0day linked to notorious spyware vendor

Google Discloses Android ‘Zero Day’ Vulnerability That Affects Pixel, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi Phones

The push for "digital wellbeing" by Google is created to encourage consumers to operate their phones in a healthier manner. There is no clear sign on what will happen if manufacturers do not follow these guidelines or how Google will enforce them, though it could be something like the company no longer allowing access to its app store or the like. The document in which these rules were revealed is the Google Mobile Services (GMS) Compatibility Definition Document (CDD) for Android 10.

For most users, a fix will ship with the October Android security update next week after phone makers have checked it works on their devices.

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It's a little bit of a controversial movie from Google who shouldn't really be too bothered with these sorts of things, but one that does make sense in an industry that - apart from Apple - is looking for compatibility and standards parity. Surprisingly, newer versions of Android have been found vulnerable to the flaw again. Apparently, Section 13.14 of the document states that upcoming devices must be optimised enough to circumvent issues that developers may face during development.

Certifications accepted by Google based on the Android model.

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The problem with USB-C at the moment is inextricably tied to the odd state of the smartphone industry.

But Digital Wellbeing is about more than just providing Android users with stats about their phone usage; it also includes some features that let you limit usage, and others that simply encourage you to put your phone down. Among them is to ensure a calendar of updates to be able to count on Google services.

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Want more posts like this delivered to your inbox? Google has also been diligent and punctual with security patches, and while these efforts are commendable in their own right, there will always remain scope for exploits and vulnerabilities in an OS like Android. This said tactic allows an attacker to take full control of phones from Samsung, Xiaomi, Google, Huawei, and many more. They provide the software with which people can do their business, but they also make sure everyone in their ecosystem is getting along and providing for the future of said ecosystem.

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