2 meteor showers to peak this week: How to watch

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Back-to-Back Meteor Showers Will Hit Night Sky This Week

This year, a bright waxing gibbous moon will block numerous meteors, but if the night is clear, this evening shower is well worth a look.

"This is a good shower for younger stargazers, especially since the shower peaks on a school night", Samuhel noted.

Dedicated astronomy lovers will be able to see as many as 1,000 shooting stars per hour this evening (8 October) and tomorrow (9th October) during the shower - providing the weather doesn't interfere. That meteor shower peaks Wednesday night into Thursday.

A meteor shower is set to peak this evening, giving you your best chance of spotting a shooting star, making a wish and having all your dreams come true. or something.

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The Draconids typically produce between 5-10 meteors an hour.

According to several reports, the annual Draconid meteor shower is expected to generate around eight shooting stars every hour starting Tuesday.

Immediately following the Draconids will be the Southern Taurids. As bits of the comet's debris hit the atmosphere, they disintegrate into bright flashes of light that streak through the sky.

The moon will be in the sky during this part of the night, so stargazers should look for meteors in the sky away from the bright moon.

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Like other meteor showers, the Southern Taurids will be best viewed during the dark hours before dawn, according to NASA.

Unlike planet-hunting or distant star gazing, meteor watching is a game of patience and comfort.

Speaking to Space.com, Cooke said: "The Draconids are one of those showers where you either see a bunch of them or none of them".

"You want to get as much sky in your field of view as possible", Samuhel said. The meteor shower precedes the arrival of the bigger Orionid shower later this month.

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For the best results, stay away from sources of light like street lamps, cars and buildings.

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