States Warn of Deer With Chronic Wasting Disease

Nevada fighting to keep ‘zombie deer’ from entering state

Nevada fighting to keep ‘zombie deer’ from entering state

Officials in Nevada are desperately attempting to preserve all deer with a extremely contagious, lethal condition identified as power losing illness - sickening them with zombie-admire symptoms - out of the impart.

The term "zombie deer" is used to describe animals who have contracted the disease that reports said can decimate populations of wild deer and elk. It's a type of spongiform encephalopathy, meaning it's spread by prions that damage the brain tissue, leading to abnormal behavior, such as a lack of fear of humans and emaciation.

The prospects of "zombie deers" running amok have gotten worse throughout the year and Nevada regulators are trying to keep them out of the state.

Officials are testing dead animals and examining migratory deer and elk at the state line with Utah for any signs of the disease, according to Peregrine Wolff, a Nevada Department of Wildlife veterinarian.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stated that CWD "can affect animals of all ages and some infected animals may die without ever developing the disease". In May, Gov. Steve Sisolak passed legislation banning hunters from bringing deer, elk or moose carcasses into the state to prevent disease transmission.

Those reviews lift concerns that humans may perhaps well even be affected.

The disease doesn't always show symptoms. State Department of Agriculture veterinarian JJ Goicoechea warned earlier this year that it is probably only a matter of time until the disease reaches Nevada, the Las Vegas Sun reports.

"It's no longer a matter of if, it's a matter of when", Wolff said. "We know that we can't wrap Nevada in a bubble", she commented.

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CWD can incubate for more than a year before animals display the symptoms, so United States officials recommend that deer hunters test meat before consuming it.

Chronic wasting disease can incubate for more than a year before animals present symptoms, so the CDC recommends hunters test meat before consuming it and avoid eating the meat of infected venison.

"In watching the patterns as they progress through Colorado into Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, up into Montana now, it's spreading".

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