MPs demand Johnson quits after Parliament suspension ruled unlawful

PM Johnson says will obey the law confident of Brexit deal

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Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson said: "The court have found what we all knew all along, Boris Johnson has again proven he is not fit to be Prime Minister".

(Alliance News) - The UK Supreme Court on Tuesday unanimously ruled that Boris Johnson's prorogation of parliament was unlawful. Opposition lawmakers accused him of trying to shut down political efforts to stop a no-deal Brexit on October 31.

In raucous and bad-tempered debate on Wednesday, Mr Johnson characterised an opposition law ordering a Brexit delay as a "surrender act" and a "humiliation bill" and brushed off concerns that his language might endanger legislators as "humbug".

The ruling could hardly have come at a worse time for the prime minister, who was 3,500 miles away from London in New York City and was set to address the UN. In a humiliating backfire for Johnson, the Supreme court said that MP's and peers should be free to resume their activities immediately.

While Opposition Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn said, "It demonstrates a contempt for democracy and an abuse of power by him".

There were two legal challenges to Johnson's prorogation of parliament - one was rejected by the High Court of England, and another succeeded in a Scottish court, which then asked the supreme court to make a final ruling.

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"And this went on forever", he quipped, "a bit like the experience of Brexit in the U.K, if some of our parliamentarians had their way".

"We are still waiting", he said.

Having lost his majority and a series of parliamentary votes on Brexit, Johnson had suspended the House of Commons for five weeks.

Mr Bercow subsequently announced that he would reconvene the Commons at 11.30am (6.30pm, Singapore time) today, while the upper House of Lords said it would return the same day.

There have been calls for him to resign, as well as Mr Cox, who would have advised the prime minister on the legal position.

The unanimous ruling was followed by calls from opposition leaders for Johnson to step down as he was "unfit to rule".

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31 deadline to leave the European Union, but after three years of political crisis, with parliament unable to agree on Brexit, it remains unclear when, if or on what terms the country will leave the bloc it joined in 1973.

In another headache for Johnson, one of his ministers was called to answer questions in the Commons over the prime minister's relationship with a USA technology entrepreneur.

Prime ministers often delegate this role while they are overseas, but political reality may make this hard for Johnson.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson's proroguing of Parliament is 'unlawful, void and of no effect, ' the country's Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday (24 September), in a decision that commentators said will have "huge constitutional consequences" for the future of the government. Corbyn likely believes that Labour will have better odds of winning an election after the current Brexit mess is resolved.

While previous British prime ministers, including David Cameron and Theresa May, had thought that they could negotiate deals with fellow European Union leaders at two-day summits, European Union diplomats need to prepare positions and agreements days before the meeting starts.

It is created to prevent the United Kingdom from crashing out of the European Union without a deal, a scenario economists, the Bank of England and the government itself say would damage the United Kingdom economy and hurt the poorest most.

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The policy is part of a package of proposals from Labour on healthcare that include making prescriptions free in England. Labour's 2017 manifesto vowed to end free movement when the United Kingdom leaves the European Union.

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