U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Buttigieg unveils health plan

From left Neil Bluhm Joe Biden and Thad Wong

From left Neil Bluhm Joe Biden and Thad Wong

The plan showcases Buttigieg's pitch to voters as a candidate willing to take a measured position that speaks to the needs of a Democratic electorate that may be wary of the upending of the US health care system that the progressives in the race argue the country needs.

But despite Warren's refusal to answer the question of taxes when it comes to implementing a single-payer health care system, she has been clear on the dozens of plans she has put out. "Are you going to raise the middle-class taxes?"

During a fundraiser for former Vice President Joe Biden in Chicago on Thursday, billionaire casino and real estate magnate Neil Bluhm said Sen. "I think that if you are proud of your plan and it's the right plan, you should defend it in straightforward terms".

Warren has a plan to tax wealth that will raise $2.75 trillion over 10 years according to her website.

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"Warren's brand is truth-telling about the rich and powerful, but you simply can not get the rich and big corporations to pay for all of it". "And hard-working middle-class families are going to see their costs go down".

"That's why we're going to win".

"But will their taxes go down?"

Warren, one of the Democratic Party 2020 frontrunners, has declined multiple times to say the plan would require higher taxes.

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"But, right here's the object", Colbert grinningly interrupted. For whatever reason, she's decided health care is one area where she needs no "plan" because Sanders has already proposed what needs to be done. Warren has regularly responded that the elimination of out-of-pocket health-care expenditures would mean that total "costs" for middle-class families would go down, and that nobody really likes private health insurance if something better (i.e., Medicare for All) is on offer.

"But will their taxes go up?"

Buttigieg's proposal differs from the "Medicare for All" plan of Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, which would provide coverage to everyone based on the federal Medicare program for Americans 65 and older and practically eliminate private insurance.

"Rather than flipping a switch and kicking nearly 160 million Americans off their private insurance, including 20 million seniors already choosing private plans within Medicare, my plan lets Americans keep a private plan if they want to", Buttigieg wrote. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) with 18 percent support.

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