Candidates react to Trudeau blackface scandal

Trudeau says he's ‘sorry’ he wore brownface at 2001 Vancouver party

Liberal candidate for Waterloo accepts Trudeau's apology, calling it 'genuine'

"I shouldn't have done that". "I don't know what happens when people don't like anybody".

Trudeau's campaign was upended when Time magazine on Wednesday published an image of the prime minister, who is known to be a strong advocate for multiculturalism, with his face blackened at a 2001 "Arabian Nights" party when he was a 29-year-old teacher at a Vancouver private school.

"I'm surprised and I was more surprised when I saw the number of times and I've always had a good relationship with Justin", Trump said while sitting beside Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Still, Trudeau was relentlessly apologetic. "It was a dumb thing to do. I love that - I have no offence to that", he said.

The responses come the same day Trudeau apologized for a newly-unearthed video and revealed he doesn't know if there are more than the three current examples.

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Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau confirmed Friday he is setting up a phone call with NDP chief Jagmeet Singh to personally apologize for the several episodes where he appeared in blackface.

With the Liberals expected to make a gun control announcement in Toronto this morning, Scheer said he's not sold on a blanket ban on semi-automatic weapons and supported a robust regime of screening and safety regulations instead.

Still, at a time when candidates are being caught left, right and centre for past controversial comments on social media, many political observers are scratching their heads about how evidence of more than one incident involving Trudeau, who has been familiar to Canadians since the day he was born, wearing blackface had not surfaced until now.

Trudeau made the announcement in the city's Greektown neighbourhood, where a gunman killed two people and wounded 13 others a year ago in a shooting rampage.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is promising to spend $1.5 billion to buy new medical imaging equipment for facilities across the country.

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In the last two days, Singh has repeatedly drawn a parallel between the blackface images and an event in May where Trudeau mocked protesters from the Grassy Narrows First Nation, who were concerned about mercury poisoning in their community.

"He could have tied it into a speech about the importance of understanding different points of view around racism in Canada", said MacEachern, a senior vice-president at Proof Strategies. "How long are we going to be like that before we find our situation like the United Kingdom and the States - it may not take very long", he said.

Politicians and everyday Canadians alike have widely denounced Trudeau's actions as racist and hurtful. "I think he's got to answer the question why he did that and what does that say about what he thinks about people who, because of who they are, because of the colour of their skin, face challenges and barriers and obstacles in their life", Singh said. "And in the case of party leaders, I think other representatives of that party should hold their leader to account".

The world's press has wasted no time pouncing on three separate instances in the 1990s and 2000s where Trudeau acknowledged he committed the racist act of painting his face and hands black or brown for various costume events.

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