Friday the 13th full moon may have orange glow at times

A full harvest moon rises behind Lower Manhattan and One World Trade Center in New York City

A rare Harvest Moon is scheduled for Friday the 13th: What does it mean?

If you are in the central time zone, the moon will be full at about 11:30 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 13 - yep, that creepy date known as Friday the 13th. The last time a full moon fell on Friday the 13th was 13 years ago on January of 2006.

The harvest moon is also referred to as Micro moon as it is said that this moon appears 14 percent smaller than the regular moon. A supermoon, on the other hand, happens when a the full moon coincides with its closest point to Earth, called perigee.

A full moon rises at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in in 2017.

What is the harvest moon?

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While the moon doesn't reach full illumination tonight, per se, it does reach 98% which is pretty damn high and therefore we will have major access to the powerful energies of the Harvest Moon.

"The Harvest Moon provides the most light at the time of year when it was traditionally needed most: during the harvest", the Old Farmer's Almanac explained on its website.The full moon closest to the September equinox is given the name of the Harvest Moon. According to NASA, usually the Full Moon rises an average 50 minutes later each night, but for the few nights around the Harvest Moon, it seems to rise at almost the same time.

So if basking under a full moon on a spooky night sounds like your jam, now is your chance to make it happen. There hasn't been a full moon on Friday the 13th across the continental USA since October 13, 2000.

Why, you may ask? Also known as the Blood moon or Sanguine moon.

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Don't get your hopes up that you'll be able to see Friday's full moon anywhere in Metro Vancouver.

When is the Harvest Moon? The Maine Farmer's Almanac says the Harvest Moon is the last full moon of the summer, and during this time, Algonquin tribes used to gather staple crops of corn, beans, pumpkins, squash, and wild rice.

From the years 1867 to 2095, there's exactly 19 years between occurrences of having a Full Moon fall on September 13-14. It's like clockwork! There's a few skips and jumps after that, based on the exact time of the day when the Moon becomes full, so we see them happen again in 2106, in 2152, and then in 2171.

On average, it occurs once every 20 years. You can expect to see something still quite bright, but tiny!

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The Harvest Moon will appear to be full for about three days, but only on "full moon day" on Friday it does it rise and set in-sync with the sun.

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