Russia Seeking Interpol's Help On Location Of Alleged CIA Informant

Moscow requested Interpol to find Smolenkov in the United States Russian Foreign Ministry

Moscow requested Interpol to find Smolenkov in the United States Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova

"Two years later, the American media publish a report that this national resides in the territory of the U.S. Of course, this information needs checking in the framework of the existing legal procedures", Zakharova said.

Deputy Foreign minister Sergei Ryabkov made the comment after US media reports, confirmed to Reuters by two sources, said a Central Intelligence Agency informant in the Russian government had been extracted and brought to the United States in 2017.

On Monday, CNN presented a report that claimed the US extracted one of their covert sources inside the Russian government in 2017 amid concerns that President Donald Trump "repeatedly mishandled classified intelligence".

American media reported this week that United States agents had extracted a high-level mole in the Kremlin who had confirmed Vladimir Putin's direct role in interfering in the 2016 presidential election.

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Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Moscow had contacted Washington via the worldwide police organisation Interpol.

Subsequent unconfirmed reports in Russian media have identified the man as Oleg Smolenkov, who worked in the Russian Embassy in Washington and later served as an aide to a top Kremlin foreign policy adviser.

"In this regard, Interpol was asked about the disappearance of a foreign citizen and his rumored presence in the United States", Ms. Zakharova said, according to the outlets.

Smolenkov disappeared with his family while on vacation in Montenegro in June 2017, the report said.

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Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Wednesday: "I can only state that this employee existed, that he was sacked, and that we don't know whether he was a spy or not".

She said questions were asked to the USA authorities via the Interpol on the circumstances of Smolenkov's disappearance and his alleged presence in the U.S.

Publicly available records show that a house was purchased in 2018 under the name of Mr. Smolenkov and his wife near northern Virginia, and NBC News reported that journalists who tried visiting the address this week were promptly met by suspected USA agents monitoring the residence.

CNN reported that the source had been providing information for decades, had access to Putin and had sent pictures of high-level documents on the Russian leader's desk.

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