Google One paid storage service gets more phone backup features

Google One paid storage service gets more phone backup features

Google One Adds Additional Phone Backup Features

With automatic phone backup by Google One, besides the usual texts, contacts, and apps, you'll also be able to back up original quality photos, videos, and multimedia messages (MMS), and you can manage your backups directly from the Google One app.

Primarily known as Google's subscription service for expanded cloud storage, Google One now offers automatic phone backups.

Boris Johnson 'deceived Queen and should resign'
The appeal judgement ostensibly reverses an initial finding in the same case at Edinburgh's Court of Session last Wednesday. Jo Maugham, a lawyer involved in the Scottish case, said the government's appeal would begin next September 17.

To get started, you'll open the Google One app where you should see a "Device Backup" section on the main "Home" page. That's especially useful for those who purchased a new Android device and want to restore older data.

RCS messages generally won't be backed up, though that depends on your phone, carrier, and messaging app. Google specifically mentions T-Mobile and Metro, which don't universally support RCS messages.

Rise in vaping injuries concerning for health officials
State health officials are also investigating what Forbing-Orr calls three additional unconfirmed cases. Symptoms can include shortness of breath, chest pain, fever, fatigue, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

If you don't have a Google One membership yet, you might consider one after the latest improvements the paid storage service has just received.

Canada PM Justin Trudeau dissolves Parliament, calls general election on October 21
Only one party - the Conservatives, led by Andrew Scheer - has a full candidate roster with representatives in each riding. Polls suggest the Liberals and Conservatives are running neck-and-neck, while the NDP and Greens are fighting for third.

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